An Incentive Program Make-Over Increases End-User Data Collection and Overall Channel Visibility

Participation of dealer and sales reps


Total increase in warranty registration submissions complete with end-user data

37% to 92%

Reported preference for new program


Mobility Product Manufacturing


  • Incomplete warranty submissions
  • Failed program goals
  • Extended wait times for rewards
  • Lackluster reward options
  • Discouraged participants.


  • Instant gratification
  • Flexibility and appeal of new reward option

The Company

This global manufacturer with over 45 years of experience is an industry leader in the mobility market, providing top-of-the-line wheelchair accessible vehicles.


The Problem

This company had implemented an incentive program to inspire sales and collect end-user data from participating dealer sales reps. Unfortunately, warranty registrations remained below the program’s goal, and submissions were often missing key information, such as end-user email addresses.

The problem lied in the current program’s implementation of two key engagement factors:

      • A lack of instant gratification: Sales reps had to wait over two weeks after a submission to receive their rewards.
      • A limited number of reward options: Rewards were restricted to limited retailers, giving participants little room to choose a reward they wanted.

For this manufacturer, better rewards meant more opportunities to change dealer behavior long-term.


The Solution

With Incentive Solutions, this manufacturer was able to provide reloadable debit card rewards, cutting down on reward delivery time and providing an option as flexible as cash.

Whenever participants met the manufacturer’s goal, they earned cash on their branded reloadable card. The amount of cash hinged on two criteria: submission timeliness and the inclusion of and end-user email address. Setting the point reward structure this way incentivized dealers to

      • See end-user email address as a necessary part of the sale
      • Submit warranty registrations soon after the point of sale


The Benefits

By restructuring the program rules and switching to a more popular reward type among program participants, this manufacturer was able to increase their overall channel visibility and collect more complete end-user data. Their results showed:

      • A 95% participation rate from dealers and sales reps;
      • A 97% satisfaction survey from participants on their preference for the new program; and
      • An increase in the number of warranty registration submissions complete with end-user email addresses from 37% to 92%


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