National Restoration’s Product Manufacturer Engages Distributors and Boosts Customer Loyalty with an Incentive Program


increase in program enrollment


increase in the number of points awarded


increase in the number of points redeemed

The Problem

This national manufacturer of dehumidifiers, air movers, structural drying systems, and air scrubbers for all types of industrial drying, cleaning, and maintenance work was in desperate need of a brand differentiator. Selling through distributors in a mature market with a recent influx of low-cost competitors, the company sought out a loyalty program as a way to stand out from competitors and provide value to their current products and services without drastically cutting costs.

The Challenge

The manufacturer was selling through distributors in a mature market with a recent influx of low-cost competitors. The company needed a way to differentiate the value of its products and services from the competition and increase customer loyalty and sales.

The Solution

The company made a bold move unique to the restoration industry by establishing one of the first-ever customer loyalty programs, providing rewards based on products purchased. Made solely for distributors, this reward program has been enhanced to give its program participants the flexibility to share rewards with their employees, outside customers, or as a way to acquire tools to further build their businesses’ capabilities.

The company promotes the program through a special web landing page that provides access to program registration and login plus an explanation and schedule of points earned for purchasing their products. The point values of products are also listed on product pages for easy reference when customers are making purchasing decisions.

Point certificates with unique serial numbers are attached to product manuals or inserted in the shipping containers for all purchased merchandise. For easy certificate redemption, participants can download the reward mobile app and scan QR codes for immediate access to points.

The points earned can be redeemed for millions of items in an online reward catalog, including merchandise, travel options, event tickets, and the sponsoring company’s products. In addition, participants can also take advantage of the program's special concierge service entitled “Uniquely Yours,” offering participants a way to use their points to obtain something beyond the scope of the catalog for a truly customizable reward experience.

The Benefits

In less than five years, almost 8,000 customers have joined the program, most of which actively bank and redeem points for electronics, tools, and entertainment to name a few. Many customers have also used it as an opportunity to redeem points for the company’s own products – approximately 20% of the points redeemed.

As a result, year over year metrics from year four to five have shown:

39% increase in enrollment
72% increase in points awarded
34% increase in points redeemed
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