How can you establish differentiation as a wholesaler, increasing your distributor sales and gaining market share from your competition? It can be difficult to analyze and connect with distributors, since they often deal with many different manufacturers and suppliers, and likely have no incentive to choose your brand over others. The unfortunate truth is that they probably see you as a commodity supplier no different than all the rest. Investing in advanced, online sales and marketing technology can help you stand out and offer something your competition can’t.

We addressed this issue head-on in a new piece recently published by Wholesale & Distribution International magazine. Our advice for increasing distributor sales and loyalty focuses on increasing points of contact with distributors. Simplifying and accelerating communications from your distributor loyalty program greatly enhances the sense of reward, gratification and personal value distributors associate with your brand. Read the article’s full press release below!

Wholesale & Distribution International Publishes Steve Damerow’s Strategies for Growing Sales through Incentives

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) October 11, 2017 — Wholesale & Distribution International magazine, written for senior level executives competing in various industries, recently showcased the expertise of Steve Damerow, CEO, of Atlanta-based Incentive Solutions. Damerow outlined proven strategies for increasing sales through incentive programs that utilize new smartphone technology.

<strong>About </strong>Steve Damerow

About Steve Damerow

Steve Damerow is the Founder of Incentive Solutions, an incentive program provider in Atlanta specializing in helping B2B companies increase distribution channel sales, establish customer loyalty and retention, and develop long-lasting channel partnerships.

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