3 Effective Ways to Get Sign Ups for Online Incentive Programs

by | Dec 6, 2016 | Online Incentive Programs

Globally recognized brands don’t seem to have much trouble with getting people to sign up for online incentive programs. Sadly, the same isn’t necessarily true for small businesses trying to get their loyalty programs off the ground, or B2B companies who need to focus on engaging a small number of sales channel customers. The benefits of keeping your customers are clear, and you might feel confident that your online incentive programs can encourage them to stick around. Still, encouraging people to sign up can be a challenge.

If you’ve been trying to get your online incentive programs off the ground, or if you’re going to take the plunge and want a game plan, you’re in luck! Following here are three ways you can get more people to sign up, and in the long run, stay loyal to your brand.

Promote Your Online Incentive Programs Face-to-Face

Online advertisements and promotions are certainly effective for reaching prospective customers. At the same time, reaching out on a more personal level can be a game-changer. A lot of people shy away from new things, and as such, it is crucial to take the time to introduce them to your rewards program. Your staff, the people who deal directly with customers, should be well-versed in how your program works. This way, they can inform customers about the various benefits they can enjoy by signing up.

It’s never a good idea to promote something you don’t understand; so, make sure your employees are familiar with every aspect of the program. They should be confident in their knowledge of it before encouraging signups.

Once your staff is knowledgeable about your online incentive programs, have them work them into their everyday exchanges with customers. If someone makes a purchase, staff should ask if they’d like to sign up for the rewards program. If the customer is unsure, your salesperson can help put their doubts to rest by explaining the benefits. They should also know how to answer any possible follow-up questions.

If you can predict what kinds of misgivings a customer might have about signing up, you can come up with viable responses. The right answers can offset their uncertainty and help them take the next step. This kind of face-to-face interaction will always be more effective than any ad on a website.

Offer Incentives…for Signing up for Incentives

This tactic might seem repetitive, but it can be a very effective way to help an uncertain customer make the decision to sign up. Everyone loves free products, including the people who dislike signing up for rewards programs. If there is an immediate benefit for them, people are more likely to sign up — even if the gain is relatively small. If joining up can get them bonus points, or even something like a discount on their next purchase, you might find more and more people willing to take the extra step and get on board with your online incentive programs.

Ensure Your Incentive Program Is Both Accessible and Visible

Simplicity is key when it comes to getting new signups for your program. Some customers might feel turned off by what they consider a complicated process. A straightforward, easy-to-understand program is what you want; if your customers are unable to figure out how your loyalty program works, they won’t take the time to sign up for it. Make it as simple as possible, and ensure nothing can be misunderstood or misinterpreted. An easy-to-understand program is also simpler for customers to share with others.

Although you’ll be promoting your program as well as you can, it’s also important to have the word getting out via your consumer base. Online visibility can be a critical factor in your business’s growth. More specifically, social media is a great way to ensure that people are aware of you and your online incentive programs. In fact, some businesses offer their customers rewards for sharing their experiences online — once again, simple is better here. A straightforward program can more readily bring in new people once it gets shared across social media.

Need Help with Your Program?

It can be a challenge to get online incentive programs off the ground. One of the hardest parts is encouraging people to sign up, but the methods discussed here will make that part of the process much easier. Of course, no amount of guidance can help if the program setup is lacking. A good incentive program is more than a way to encourage customer loyalty. It’s also a way to avoid future issues before they can appear, and it can play a significant role in your company’s growth moving forward.

For help with your online incentive programs, or for information on getting a new one started, contact Incentive Solutions online or give us a call at (866) 567-7432 today.

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