United Continental ‘New Car’ Employee Incentive for Perfect Attendance

by | Mar 2, 2011 | Employee Recognition, Reward Programs

Employee incentive programs are effective business strategies used to enhance employee motivation and productivity, and United Continental is using this strategy to motivate employees to attain perfect attendance.

Along with recognition for achieving six-consecutive-months of perfect attendance, employees will be provided the chance to win a ‘paid in full’ new car.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram explained that the United Continental program was specifically geared to reward employees who demonstrate the company’s dependability, along with contributions and customer service goals.

The program’s design is to make employees who reach the ‘six-month absence free goal’ eligible for an annual drawing. The rewards for the drawing are eleven ‘paid in full’ and ‘taxes paid’ cars.

To kick it up a notch, the eligible employees also have a chance of earning 5,000 frequent flier miles.

United Continental CEO Jeff Smisek stated in a company bulletin, “We want to make sure that everybody is focused on running a clean, safe and reliable airline.” He added, “Perfect attendance helps United provide consistent, reliable service to customers, and it also reduces our costs.”

To show the programs success, the airline gives out over 15,000 perfect attendance awards each year, and over 180 new cars have been issued over the last ten years.

These types of employee incentive programs are sure-fire strategies to increase employee motivation and engagement, which in turn increases productivity and the bottom line.

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