Uniquely Yours Rewards (Insider Edition)!

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Hi everyone, and welcome to Communications Corner! As promised in my last blog, I’ll be sharing awesome insights from our 2018 Uniquely Yours Campaign.

So, What Are Uniquely Yours Rewards?

Uniquely Yours is a feature of our rewards catalog that makes your rewards program stand out from the crowd. We give your participants the option to redeem their points for rewards they won’t find in any catalog – and we stop at nothing to get them exactly what they want! They can make custom redemptions for things they want and need, such as using their point to pay off college tuition or student loans, remodeling their home, or getting new office equipment for their company. Not only does this make your rewards program memorable, it gives your top performers a reason to continue exceeding their goals and keeps them loyal to your brand.

Each year, we run a campaign to promote this catalog feature and to inspire your participants with ideas for their own custom redemptions. We reach out to participants via direct mail, email, and call campaign touch-points focused around a theme. Our goal is to keep high-earning participants up-to-speed and excited about rewards beyond the catalog.

“Don’t Quit Your Daydream”

The theme for last year’s campaign was “Don’t Quit Your Daydream”. Our campaign mailer booklet and email featured illustrations designed to take participants back to their childhood daydreams of exploring the sea, living in a castle, driving fast cars, and traveling the world.

People were really excited about this campaign. Our email stats were AWESOME with open rates 28% higher than industry averages and click-through rates 12% higher than industry averages. Plus, we had some really cool custom redemptions made during the campaign period, including multiple Chevy Silverado trucks, an engagement ring, Carnival Cruises, a family set of custom Rolex watches, kitchen renovations, and more!

Of course, I had to know more about these redemptions, so I called some of these participants to hear it from them! My favorite story so far is about a participant who redeemed his points for four-nights at Disney World’s Caribbean Beach Resort so that his daughter could achieve her life-long dream to run in the “Run Disney” Half Marathon.

Communications Corner

Stay tuned… the excitement doesn’t end here!

For the 2019 Uniquely Yours Campaign, tilted “Picture This”, we featured some of these redemptions along with real pictures and testimonials from the participants who made them.
After all, what could be more inspiring to participants than REAL redemptions made by participants just like them?

Want to learn more? Check out Communications Corner next month to see our super cool Polaroid Camera mailer design and get the inside scoop on these stories!

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