The Incentive Insider | September 2020

by: Nichole Gunn September 9, 2020

"Unprecedented Times"? Challenge Accepted!

With all the changes and challenges of 2020, it feels like five years of learning and work packed into one! As we march toward pandemic recovery and economic stability, Incentive Solutions has been working harder than ever to make sure we're providing valuable incentive programs that help companies sustain growth and loyalty. We're fortunate enough to have a team that has adapted and improved throughout Q2—and we share that passion for growth with our client family. We'll make it through this year together!


Software Updates

Check out the updates and improvements made to our incentive software in Q2!:

    • We added a Question Answer Summary report to the Daily Trivia feature.
    • Item detail link now featured on Wist List items in the reward catalog.
    • "Country" token was added to personalization options in content management system.
    • Program admins can now check for duplicates in cross-promotion claims.
    • Security improvements include Captcha and device verification for the back office.

We're Motivation Masters!

Check out the updates and improvements made to our incentive software in Q2!:

Northstar Meetings Group named us one of 2020's Motivation Masters! Our collaboration with Carnival Cruise Lines on their travel agent loyalty program, Loyalty Rocks!, won Best Channel Program!

Through the online, point-based program, travel agents earn gift cards, jewelry, electronics and more. The program is configured to specific promotions to promote certain behaviors, such as switching from booking by phone to booking online.

Loyalty Rocks! helped Carnival increase its net promoter score by 15%. Additionally, moving their loyalty program to Incentive Solutions software helped Carnival reduce program costs by more than 20%! We're thrilled to help Carnival reach these successes!


The 2020 BthruB Leadership Summit

Check out the updates and improvements made to our incentive software in Q2!:

Around this time every year, we announce the dates and location of our annual BthruB Leadership Summit. You know, the awesome conference we host, where those who manage B2B incentive programs can come together to share success stories, strategies, and best practices. This year, the conference will be held on September 15th & 16th. We've chosen a location, too, and. . . we're going virtual!

Many conferences and events have gone digital this year due to pandemic concerns, and we decided this was the safest option for the BthruB Leadership Summit. We sure will miss seeing attendees in-person, but don't worry—you'll still get reports of discussions and strategies that will help you prep or run your own incentive program. Check our blog to be the first to get the news!


Pack Your Bags for 2021 Incentive Travel!

Many are wondering, what does the forecast for incentive travel look like? Our very own Director of Travel Services, Deven Crane, is here to share some thoughts on planning 2021 incentive trips.

Though there are too many uncertainties and restrictions for a 2020 incentive trip, Deven recommends planning as usual for a 2021 trip—and fast! "I recommend booking a year out," he says. "Availability is shrinking because of all the programs having to be moved."

The best and safest bet for U.S. companies planning incentive trips is to look for domestic destinations. One of the only resorts to offer all-inclusion options is Hawks Cay in the Florida Keys. Check out more info on Hawks Cay from Deven's video message below!

Domestic Incentive Travel: Hawks Cay Spotlight



Top Redeemed Rewards of Q2

We know one thing that incentive program participants must be missing right now—events! Ah, the smell of popcorn, the thrill of chanting "one more song!" to bring on the encore. . . who isn't pining for it right now? With events postponed and theaters remaining closed throughout Q2, Fandango tickets didn't claim their usual spot in our top-redeemed items list. Four other crowd favorites were there to save the day, though!



It's no surprise that Redbox took the top slot for most-redeemed rewards in Q2. In times of social distancing, a good movie is more important than ever!

Apple Airpods

People love Apple AirPods! Quarter after quarter, these handy, wireless earbuds show up in our top-redeemed items list. In a time of increased video conferencing and phone communication, people are likely eager to make the switch away from those annoying cords.

YETI Mugs/Coolers

You gotta keep that cold brew cool and that tea hot, whether you're at the office or working from home! People love their sturdy YETI products, renown for their ability to control drink temperatures.

Titleist Golf Balls

Whether reward program participants were enjoying a nine-hole round solo or just stocking up for the future, coronavirus didn't make a dent (or should we say divot?) in these babies' popularity!

Here Are the Headlines!

Check out the articles below to read our incentive insights and strategies, featured in leading industry publications!

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Finding Leverage in the Indirect Salesforce

Our CEO Mark Herbert shared tips in Supply House Times on using a B2B incentive program to improve customer engagement and communication, enable channel partners to sell your products, as well as facilitate better data collection and exchange. Read more!


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Star Performer of the Quarter: Danielle Wilkerson

star performer danielle wilkerson

Give It Up for Danielle—She's Compelled to Excel!

Our Star Employee of the Quarter, Danielle Wilkerson, started her Incentive Solutions journey as our Office Administrator. Managers quickly took notice of the value she brought to our company, and wanted her on their team. "I was fortunate enough that she wanted to join the Accounting team," says Billy Shida, our Controller. "I've been lucky to have Danielle on my team for four years. She pushes herself, her coworkers, and our company to be better. She pushes our department to work more efficiently, and keeps me and our CFO sane."

Thank you for being an invaluable asset to Incentive Solutions, Danielle!


About Nichole Gunn

Nichole Gunn is the VP of Marketing at Incentive Solutions, an Atlanta-based incentive company that delivers advanced, agile B2B customer loyalty and channel sales incentives programs.