The Incentive Insider | November 2019

by: Nichole Gunn November 12, 2019

Q3 Was All About BthruB!

Our Q3 was all about BthruB! You might be asking, "What the heck is BthruB?" Here's our definition:

BthruB • /bēthro͞obē/ noun

  • The annual BthruB Leadership Summit, hosted by Incentive Solutions and focused on bringing companies together to discuss channel incentive technology, strategies, insights, and stories of success.
  • A new term for the way today's companies go to market through sales channels — not in a direct line from one business to another, but through and with their channel partners.

Not only is it the name of our yearly conference, it's a term we've coined to describe our approach to channel incentive marketing and planning. We're here to help businesses implement the technology, strategies, and incentive systems they need to build strong channel partnerships. If strong partnerships are at the heart of your sales and marketing, more of your company's lifeblood— your products, services, and brand recognition— will pump through the channel!


The 2019 BthruB Leadership Summit: Recap Time!

It's hard to squeeze into one little blurb all the knowledge we gained, successes we shared, and fun we had at this year's BthruB Leadership Summit. Here are the highlights:

  • Keynote speaker Jay McBain, sales channel expert at Forrester Research, discussed the role incentive programs can play in addressing today's biggest channel trends and concerns.
  • Manufacturers and distributors from HVAC, electrical, building products, plumbing, automotive and agriculture industries came together to share common challenges and strategies for achieving their sales and marketing goals.
  • Our Incentipalooza event allowed attendees to visit different booths and explore our incentive technology in a fun, interactive environment.
  • Incentive Solutions' Marketing Communications Specialist, Stevie Petri, presented best-practice tactics for incentive program marketing and communication.
  • Attendees split into groups with Incentive Solutions incentive experts to conduct a mock case study workshop. What was so fascinating about this is that everyone came up with completely unique, yet workable solutions! This exercise really highlighted how greatly one corporate incentive program can vary from one situation to another.
  • Salivating for more details? Check out our full recap and keep an eye on our blog - we'll release more great insights and content from BthruB soon!

We Won an IMA Circle of Excellence Award!

Incentive Solutions wins Incentive Marketing Association Circle of Excellence award

We were so honored to receive this year's Incentive Marketing Association (IMA) Circle of Excellence Award for the sales incentive program we helped Michelin launch. We partnered with Michelin with a goal of helping them improve communication, increase engagement, and gain the support of their small dealer and small fleet segments. Here are the awesome results we birthed over a nine-month term:

25% of eligible dealers participated in the program.

Reward program emails earned 27% click-through rates—780% above industry standard.

Reward program emails earned 55% open rates—268% higher than industry standard.

Thank you to Michelin for being wonderful collaborators, and to IMA for taking the time to recognize the fruits of our labor!


Tick Tock, It's Almost Clown O'Clock.

Can you believe it's already November?! That means it's almost time for the Distinguished Clown Corps of Atlanta to don their red noses once more. The Clown Corps, made up of business leaders across Atlanta, gather every year on the day of the Children's Christmas Parade. They spread joy and gifts to children at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA), then join the parade to add more color and smiles to the day's festivities. Leading up to parade day, each member of the Distinguished Clown Corps raises money to help CHOA cover the costs of providing top-notch healthcare to Atlanta's children. Are there members on the leadership team of your Atlanta business who love to clown around, and would enjoy spreading cheer this holiday season? Encourage them to sign up for the Distinguished Clown Corps. Registration can be found here. If you'd like to support Incentive Solutions' very own Distinguished Clown, CEO Mark Herbert, you can support him through his personal fundraising page.


Incentive Travel Services: What's So Great About Free Site Selection?

The holiday season is imminent. Warmer weather is behind many of us and the fiscal year is coming to a close. It's time for companies to start looking ahead to their next (or maybe their first ever) incentive travel experience. If you find yourself in these shoes, you may want to know about the incentive travel services available to you. At Incentive Solutions, one of services we offer is free site selection. "I'll just pick my own site," you might be thinking. Finding the right location for your next event isn’t as easy as you might think. These are just a few of the questions you'll need answers to:

  • Does the site have enough meeting/event space?
  • Does the site have enough breakout rooms?
  • How far from the airport is it?
  • Does it allow kids? Will there be kids at the pool splashing the wife?
  • Are the rates way above your budget?
  • What's the location's reputation and star rating?
  • How is the service?

We know the questions to ask to ensure your incentive trip is as delightful as possible. Want to try us out? Give us a call at 678-514-0227 to begin planning an incentive trip, starting with free site selection.


Top Redeemed Rewards of 2019 Q3

Which items from our reward catalog were in the most shopping carts during Q3? Let's have a look at the stand-outs!


Fandango Movie Tickets

Fandango movie tickets are still the reigning champ of our most-redeemed rewards. The Lion King was likely a big hit in Q3 for participants looking to let the entire family share in their rewards!


RedBox still holds onto its spot as our second most popular reward catalog item. If they can't make it to the big-screen experience, rewards can still give participants those movie chills and thrills in the comforts of their home or on the go!

Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods remain #3 on our list! More and more people are adopting Apple's AirPods and ditching their cord earplugs for sweet, Bluetooth freedom.

YETI Products

YETI coolers and mugs hold the #4 spot on our list! Whether the weather or drinks are cold or hot, it's so refreshing to lock in the temperature of your favorite beverage. It's no wonder these items are quickly becoming a year-round top-redeemed reward.

Titleist Pro Golf Balls

Incentive program participants must have really gotten good at their backswing by now! Titleist Golf Balls are stil #5 spot on our top redeemed rewards list.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Participants love the convenience of the Amazon Fire TV Stick, which helps them browse their favorite media streaming platforms and ask Alexa the name of that one show with that one actor from that other show. The Fire Stick nudged the Apple iPad out of sixth place, but will it be able to hang onto this spot? We'll see which is a bigger hit during the holiday season!

We Made the News!


Star Performer of the Quarter: Stevie Petri

star performer stevie petri

Stevie is the Stellar, Shining Superstar of Q3!

Just over a year ago, we took a chance on a young woman who was a little green, but determined, confident and full of sass. In her time here, she has has taken her role to the next level by delivering creative, goal-oriented ideas that work and she. She's humble, witty, determined. Clients often ask for her by name. Her peers respect her. A few stand-out remarks about her include:
  • She’s very collaborative, looks for and values input from her teammates.
  • She acts now. We’re all busy, but Stevie always finds time to tackle whatever is thrown at her.
  • She does the right thing, especially when it comes to our clients’ needs.
  • She’s made our communications offering to clients better than ever!
"I've seen Stevie grow tremendously since she started here and it blows me away," says VP of Marketing, Nichole Gunn. "She takes on any task and knocks it out like a rock star. She's managed the expectations of two of the strongest personalities on the leadership team, who often have very different viewpoints and ideas, and she's done so flawlessly. She's bought us together, as leaders. And that is such a rare, special gift." Congratulations, Stevie!

New Kids Roll Call!

Caroline BlackmonCaroline Blackmon
Vendor and Catalog Specialist
Caroline is from Dunwoody, GA and attended Washington and Lee University in Virginia, where she received a B.A. in Economics and Journalism. She worked for Detroit Free Press as a breaking news intern and was a freelance writer for The Dunwoody Crier. As part of her college work study, she managed musical, play and concert teams for a theater. Her hobbies include being unable to accomplish most daily tasks (brushing teeth, cooking, etc.) without listening to music, spending most waking hours with friends & family, and reading novels when there’s time. We're glad to have you, Caroline!
Julie BranchJulie Branch
Participant Services Coordinator
Julie hails from Panama City, Florida and graduated from FSU with a BA in Communications. Since moving to Atlanta eight years ago, she's excelled in customer services positions, including team lead and manager of customer services associates. Her original dream job? Garbage man. As a kid, she thought getting to ride on the back of the truck sounded great. She's a speed-reader and enjoys literature, but reads many cookbooks and bakes a whole lot. She's a huge Disney fan, loves all sorts of animation, and probably watches Disney & Cartoon Network as much as your kids! Welcome aboard, Julie! May your time here be even more fun than riding the back of a garbage truck!
Betty EvansBetty Evans
Account Coordinator
Betty is one of the few Atlanta natives still around! She graduated from the University of Georgia and has been in the trade show and meeting/conference planning industry ever since. She wants to produce a reality TV show about corporate events, so hit her up if you have any Y'allywood connections. Traveling is her passion, along with yoga, entertaining, party planning, cheering on the DAWGS and hanging with her boys (a.k.a her nephews and godsons), even though the feeling isn’t usually mutual. Well, we already like hanging out with you, Betty! Welcome to Incentive Solutions. :)
Anthony OjwangAnthony Ojwang
Accounting Specialist
Anthony was born in Lawrenceville, GA and graduated from Kennesaw State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. He previously worked as a math and accounting tutor at MaThCliX MaTh Center and was a Technical Support/Quality Assurance clerk at iLearn Inc. His favorite hobby is traveling around America, seeing his favorite artists at music festivals like Bonnaroo, EDC Orlando, etc. He also loves playing Ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, and basketball. He closely follows sports and is patiently waiting for the day an Atlanta sports team brings home a championship. Hopefully the wait will be less painful with wonderful colleagues like us? :) Welcome, Anthony!
Jasmyn SmithJeannine Scarpino
Participant Services Coordinator
Jeannine was born in Westchester County, New York and lived in Florida, New York City, and Ohio before moving to Atlanta. She has a B.A. in Vocal Jazz from the University of Miami and a Masters in Acting from the Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University. In her spare time, she practices and teaches yoga, sings in a wedding band, loves on furry creatures, and creates healthy versions of naughty foods. We're thrilled to have you, Jeannine—welcome to the Incentive Solutions family!

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