The Incentive Insider | March 2021

by: Nichole Gunn March 22, 2021

Hello 2021, It's Great to See You!

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Whew, 2020 is finally over! While we faced many challenges, businesses and consumers are far from finished. But let's take a minute to give ourselves credit for surviving such a tough year. Corporations closed their doors, industries were turned on their heads, and long-time business relationships had to be severed. At Incentive Solutions, we believe that times these are when unity, sharing wins, staying positive, and being open to change are most important. We're incredibly grateful and excited about the new employee and client partnerships we've been able to build amidst chaos and uncertainty. We stand firmly behind our employees and clients—here's to another year of striving for greatness and turning obstacles into opportunities!


Entering... Data Entry Services!

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You asked and we delivered! You can now count data entry among the incentive management services we offer. This service comes in handy when your incentive program participants are rewarded based on data they submit. For example, some of our clients reward their participants for submitting warranty registrations, or receipts and invoices containing qualifying products. Rather than scouring these documents yourself, our data entry specialists can key it in for you, keeping your incentive program data all in one digitally-accessible place.


Communications Year in Review, Coming Soon to Screen Near You

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Every year, we break down our incentive marketing campaigns and analyze their effectiveness. We look at which efforts best helped our clients get their incentive program participants more active, engaged, and/or spending their reward points. We identify the tactics that could use a little fine-tuning. We look at our successes in order to help you inform and update your own incentive marketing strategies. Here's a sneak preview of some of the numbers you'll find in our Communications Year-in-Review:

  • The average open rate of monthly statement emails is 37.72%.
  • Redemption campaign emails had an average click-through rate of 9%.
  • Activation campaigns resulted in an average activation rate of 11%.

Our full Communications Year-in-Review will be released in the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned!


We're the Best! We're the Brightest!

Best and Brightest Companies to Work for in the Nation 2020


Incentive Solutions is proud to be recognized as one of the 101 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For in the Nation!®

By investing in our staff's personal growth, implementing employee rewards and recognition, as well as reinforcing the core values of our brand, we have built an award-winning corporate culture we take great pride in. This culture shines through everything we do, and in our relationships with our clients. We couldn't do it without our dedicated, invaluable team who are more than just prized assets—they're our corporate family. We work hard together and succeed together. Thank you to the employees and client partners who shine brighter and achieve more each year!


Safe Incentive Travel

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As we enter into a one-year anniversary of COVID-19 regulations and restrictions, incentive program sponsors are itching to resume their incentive trip plans. There are a few things to keep in mind as we dust off our fishing poles and snorkeling gear in preparation for corporate events and excursions:

  • Destinations that currently require negative COVID-19 tests for entry include Canada, Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Netherlands, France, South Korea, and the United States.
  • Lufthansa Group now requires passengers to wear medical protective masks (a surgical mask, FFP2 or KN95/N95), not just everyday masks, on flights to and from Germany.
  • The 10 Meliá Hotels International properties in Mexico and the Dominican Republic now offer free, on-site Covid-19 antigen tests for guests who are required to present negative tests before returning to their country of origin.
  • Aeromexico and its partner, Delta Air Lines, have entered agreements with two Mexican laboratories to provide discounted COVID-19 tests.
  • If you're planning an international trip, be aware of the CDC's COVID-19 international travel regulations.

Summer in Paris, Anyone?

paris incentive trip


If you're looking for a safe and exciting foray back into incentive travel, how does Paris in the summertime sound? We're offering a four-night group trip to the beautiful city of love and art! Here are the details:

  • Four-night summer group package starting at 1,500€ ($1,778).
  • Includes hotel, Paris transport, activities, and dinners.
  • Minimum 20 participants in 10 double rooms.
  • Optional RT-PCR and antigen COVID-19 testing.
  • Health protocols in compliance with Marriott Cleanliness Council policies.
  • Rate available through September 6th, 2021.

Interested in a summer incentive trip to Paris? Reach out to our Direct of Travel Services, Deven Crane, at 678-514-0227!


Here Are the Headlines!


Check out the articles below to read our incentive insights and strategies, featured in leading industry publications!

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  • How Manufacturers and Distributors Can Use Loyalty Program Software to Secure Brand Preference in the Food Supply Chain

    The global pandemic served as a staunch reminder that the grocery industry can be completely upended by factors out of manufacturers' control. That's why it's so important to invest in what can be controlled, with tools like incentive programs. Read more!

  • Continuously Improving Your Incentive Program

    This Beverage Master article by Nichole Gunn, Incentive Solutions' VP of Marketing, discusses how craft beer producers can use channel incentive programs to increase sales, improve channel partner data, and gain referral business. Read more!

Elite Performer of the Year: Brad Buttram


Three Cheers for Brad, Our Superhuman Systems Engineer!

One employee in particular really saved our hides in 2020. Our systems engineer, Brad Buttram, is our hero of the year! ISI, like many companies, had to rapidly adopt to a remote working environment, an effort Brad helmed with grace, remaining cheerful and helpful throughout. "He always delivers on his promises," says VP of Technology Kelly Held, "even with all the hats he wears. He takes so much off my plate. Often, when something comes up that I need to do, Brad's already done it. I can't offer Brad enough accolades for what he does."

Brad, you hear this a lot, but it's so well-deserved each and every time—thank you so much for all that you do!



Star Performer of the Quarter: Keenan Meadows

Keenan Can Turn Our World on with His Smile!

This well-earned title of Employee of the Quarter goes to our outstanding Associate Account Manager, Keenan Meadows! Keenan is still relatively new to this role, but he's quickly earned the trust of his clients and his colleagues, and everyone loves working with him. "He has regular conversations with clients about how to grow," says VP of Account Management, Mandy Freeman. "Most of the time he doesn't need me there for support. He leads status calls and program reviews and has jumped onto additional task forces. His passion is infectious, he always comes to work with a good attitude, and keeps a smile on his face.

Congrats, Keenan, on quick adaptation to new challenges, and lifting us up with those contagious good vibes!


New Hires on the Block!

Ramona Dunn
Merchandise Redemption Specialist

Ramona is from Greensboro, Georgia, and graduated from Gwinnett Tech with a Business Administration degree. She worked for nine years as an Executive Marketing Assistant before joining the ISI corporate family. She loves sports (go Bulldogs!) and playing with her five-year-old son.

Welcome aboard, Ramona! We're so glad to have you! 

Catie Paris
Merchandise Redemption Specialist 

Catie was born and raised here in Atlanta. Her previous work experience includes 15 years customer service in food and retail, as well as a call center for a health insurance company. She met her husband in the army's advanced individual training (AIT) program, and he is still active. She has three children, two of whom are twins! In her free time, she enjoys painting and designing tattoos.

Welcome, Catie! It's great to have you. 

Angela Sanders
Participant Services Coordinator

Originally from Chicago, Angela has lived in Atlanta since childhood and attended Talladega College for two years. She's a mom of two and her children are her biggest joys. With over 20 years of Administrative experience, she is definitely a  people person! She shares a birthday with former president Barack Obama and loves horror movies. 

Good luck in your new role, Angela! 

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