The Incentive Insider | August 2019

by: Nichole Gunn August 28, 2019

High-Flying Through Q2!

Notice anything different about us lately? If you've poked around our site lately, you'll notice we have a new look! Go on, poke around! We'll wait. Not only that, but we've just released an updated version of our in-house incentive platform, RewardTrax. It's been a busy summer of big change for us! Read on to learn more about all the awesome things we were cooking up in Q2.


V5: It's Alive... It's Alive!

Hang onto your bloomers, 'cause we've got big news! The RewardTrax platform has evolved! With RewardTrax V5, our incentive platform is better, more usable and more powerful than ever. Check out these changes:

  • A fully updated, modernized shopping experience
  • New theme and layout options
  • Updated coding for a more streamlined design process
  • Easier site styling with the improved brand manager tool
  • Lock and preview modes to see site changes before publishing them
  • Compatible with all internet browsers

The Advanced Communication Module

We've officially released The Advanced Communication Module! Along with all the multi-channel tools we've always provided (email and call campaigns, push notifications, texts and mailers), the new module provides even more communication features for you to play with, including:

  • Premium communication templates
  • Automated email scheduling
  • A drag & drop editor
  • Ability to upload multimedia training support materials
  • Print and e-mail newsletter design templates
  • Personalized mailers to participants, such as welcome letters and statements
  • At-a-glance dashboard reporting
  • Reporting on email open and click-through rates
  • Ready to create exciting incentive marketing campaigns and measure their success in real-time? Contact your Account Manager about activating The Advanced Communication Module!

Ready to create exciting incentive marketing campaigns and measure their success in real-time? Contact us about activating The Advanced Communication Module!


Top Redeemed Rewards of 2019 Q2


Which rewards were most snagged in Q2 of 2019? Check out the hottest items!


Fandango Movie Tickets

Fandango movie tickets top our most-redeemed reward list once more, proving time and time again that movie magic motivates participants! Could Avengers: Endgame have inspired superhero performances?


RedBox rentals continue to be our second most popular reward catalog item. It just stands as further proof that smaller, "point burner" rewards really do keep participants engaged in incentive programs throughout the year.

Apple AirPods

Looks like people are still busy upgrading their old earbuds, since Apple AirPods are still #3 on our list!

YETI Rambler

A new item made the list this quarter: the YETI Rambler! These ramblers are famous for serious liquid temperature control. You can bet they were popular as Father's Day gifts and summer camping gear.

Titleist Pro Golf Balls

Titleist Golf Balls still claim the #5 spot on our list! ⛳ It makes us so happy to know that participants are spending their reward points on an activity they love.

Apple iPad

The Apple iPad is such a flexible, useful tool for both work and play. It's no wonder participant audiences love it.

The Communications Corner, Starring Stevie Petri

Communications Corner with Stevie Petri

Time for a new Communications Corner segment with our Marketing Communications Specialist, Stevie Petri! This time around, she talks about one of our most successful Uniquely Yours campaigns. We wanted to remind incentive program participants of the opportunities they have to spend their points on rewards outside our catalog—things like dream vacations, adventures, cars, even homes. The results blew us away. Check out the blog to read the stories of participants who used their points to make their dreams come true! (Warning: you will get jealous.)


We Made the News!

  • 5 Smart Ways Life Insurance Distribution Organizations Can Still Use Incentive TravelOur piece in ThinkAdvisor magazine is all about motivating life insurance agents using incentive travel. Insurance distribution companies can use these insights to offer travel incentives that don’t create conflicts of interest, recognize top performers, solidify key business relationships, retain top sales talent and improve team chemistry.
  • How Incentive Programs Motivate Agents and BrokersNational Underwriter Property and Casualty 360 recently published our advice for insurance brokerages on how to structure sales incentive programs. We recommend incentivizing a few specific KPIs (such as product knowledge improvement and adherence to company values) to increase sales while maintaining integrity and looking out for clients’ best interests.
  • Incentives Build Dealer RelationshipsToday's manufacturers face a major dilemma: standing out in their market against increasing competition from online mega-retailers and offshore manufacturers. In our recently-published Industry Today article, we share tips on how manufacturers can use incentives to stay competitive and offer a valuable customer experience.
  • How to Use Incentive Programs to Improve Product Knowledge and SpeedRewarding life insurance sales agents strictly for increased sales or client satisfaction often leads to problems. Our second piece in ThinkAdvisor focuses on rewarding agents for the right behaviors. Check out our article to better understand successful, big-picture incentive strategies.

Star Performer of the Quarter: Nicole Garcia

star performer nicole garcia

Nicole Hits Her Goals & Shines in Her Role!

Our Participant Services Coordinator department has benefited greatly from having Nicole Garcia in their midst. Her team knows they can trust her completely and her can-do attitude is positively contagious. Participants rave that she provides the best customer service they've ever experienced and that she's prompt and considerate. They often ask for her by name because she's just that darn amazing at helping people and solving problems. "She has made herself indispensable to our team," says Participant Services Manager Ryan Horton. "She never says no, always takes the high road, and the quality of her work truly speaks to her character." Nicole, you're a rockstar! ⭐

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