7 Most Popular Incentive Rewards of Q1 2019

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Looking to build customer loyalty in 2019? A good customer loyalty program has popular incentive rewards that motivate customers to shop more frequently, increase their order volume, and to choose your brand over the competition. With that in mind, it’s important to keep an eye on what reward items are trending. Offering desirable incentive rewards that feel relevant to your customers will make your customer loyalty program more effective. Plus, it will give you an idea of which incentives you should feature in marketing your loyalty incentive program.

At the end of each quarter, we’ll be reviewing which merchandise rewards were most effective in motivating customer loyalty. With Q1 in the books, we have reward redemption data for January through March of 2019. Using that data, we’ll be breaking down the top incentive of rewards of Q1 2019 by redemption volume and category to see what’s hot. (If you missed the most popular incentive rewards of 2018, you can find that here!).

7 Most Popular Incentive Rewards by Redemption Volume

What were our most redeemed merchandise rewards of Q1 2019?

  1. Fandango® Movie Tickets: 1,426 redemptions. Fandango® Movie Tickets are a perennial favorite, having topped our annual list for most redeemed rewards in 2017 and 2018. It looks like a trip to the movies is still a super popular incentive reward that is attainable and has wide appeal.
  2. Redbox® Movie Rental: 1,083 redemptions. This is another top-performing incentive reward for customer loyalty programs. Fun, relaxing, low-investment, and easily attainable. Plus, staying in for a movie is a great activity during the winter months.
  3. Apple® AirPods: 363 redemptions. Despite the memes, the redemption numbers speak for themselves. Apple AirPods have been tremendously popular incentives since we added them to our online rewards catalog.
  4. Apple® iPads: 197 redemptions. Apple iPads are another item that makes sense for the winter months, where people in many parts of the country are spending more time indoors and out of the cold. Plus, they make it easier for your participants to interface with our online customer loyalty platforms.
  5. Amazon® Echo Dot Smart Speaker: 137 redemptions. Tech items you can use at home were very popular incentive rewards this winter. The Amazon Dot can be used to play music, listen to sports, and even call an Uber.
  6. Titleist® 2017 Pro V1 Golf Balls: 122 redemptions. Hardcore golf players won’t let a little winter weather keep them off the golf course, or it might have been our clients in Florida and California. Either way, high-quality golf balls make a difference.
  7. Ring® Wi-Fi Smart Doorbells: 74 redemptions. Smart home security tech never goes out of season. This is an effective incentive reward to keep you top of mind with your customers since it’s a tangible reward that lasts a long time and that your participants will interact with almost daily.

Most Redeemed Incentive Rewards by Category

In the first section, we took a close-up of the most popular incentive reward items. Now we’ll zoom out a little bit and break things down by category to see what we can learn about what types of incentives are effective during the winter months.

Q1 2019 Most Popular Incentive Rewards by Category

  1. Electronics & Apple Products—Looking at the most popular incentive reward items, it’s no surprise that Electronics & Apple Products claimed the top spot for Q1 2019.
  2. Entertainment—With movies, games, tickets to the hottest concerts, and events, it’s easy to see why Entertainment ranked so high for customer loyalty incentives.
  3. Home & GardenHome & Garden had a strong showing in Q1, coming in at #3 on the list. We expect to see redemptions for this category skyrocket over the spring and summer.
  4. Sporting Goods—Seasonally, this is a bit of a surprise, but I bet we see redemption numbers climb for Sporting Goods over the next few quarters.
  5. Tools & Hardware—For B2B customers, Tools & Hardware is often a popular category for reward redemptions.

Keeping an Eye on Incentive Reward Trends

We’ll be doing this type of reward analysis as an ongoing basis, with quarterly and annual summaries. It’ll be interesting to see if we can spot any trends and to see what incentive rewards participants gravitate towards at different times of the year.

Stay tuned!

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