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by | Oct 20, 2011 | Channel Sales

In September, Convenience Store News (CSN) reported that Nella Oil Company LLC joined U.S. Bank’s channel incentive partner program. U.S. Bank is the proprietor of the Voyager merchant processing network, a leading card network for fuel and maintenance merchants, as well as a provider of universal fleet fueling and maintenance cards.

Nella Oil owns and operates 150 Flyers and Cardlock sites in the Nevada and California area, and already started issuing a co-branded Flyers Fleet Card to customers throughout the trading region. According to CSN, Nella, at present, is the largest member of the Commercial Fueling Network (CFN).

Customers taking advantage of the Flyers Fleet Card have a broad range of service facilities to choose from; there are 150+ Flyers retail and Cardlock locations, along with over 230,000 nationwide Voyager network fuel and maintenance locations. The Voyager network includes top retailers such as: Valero, Shell, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobile, CITGO, Circle K, Texaco, Chevron, and BP. The list goes on and on, including hundreds more.

Nella’s director of commercial fueling David Jackson told the news source, “This is a great opportunity to add another valuable fleet solution to our product line.” He added that the Voyager Network’s broad reach is essential for his company to expand their “business beyond California and Nevada.”

Jackson went on to explain that the company doesn’t intend on replacing CFN. The partnership with the Voyager Network will provide the platform for CFN to reach and serve customers they were unable to accommodate before. “With the Flyers Fleet Card joining our family of successful fleet fueling solutions, we can really offer a product that delivers both service and near universal acceptance.”

U.S. Bank has added more than Nella to its Channel Partner Program; another new partner is Cosby Oil. The oil company’s locations in Texas are now a part of the program, benefiting its customers with fuel cards usable at the 230,000+ fuel and maintenance Voyager Network facilities.

Cosby’s CEO Larry Clanton said in a press release that the company is thrilled to partner with U.S. Bank. The company’s “drivers appreciate the near-universal acceptance of the Voyager card, while our fleet administrators appreciate its sophisticated purchase controls and comprehensive-yet-easy-to-read transaction data.”

The benefits of the partnership also go both ways. Clanton went on to say that the 62 years Cosby Oil has been serving a customer base that has been satisfied brings a positive contribution to Voyager Network.

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