Justin Rieling of Incentive Solutions Offers Memorable Incentive Travel Gift Ideas

by | Jun 25, 2015 | Event Planner, Incentive Programs, Incentive Travel, Travel Incentives

Atlanta, June 8, 2015 / PRWeb / Incentive Solutions, an Atlanta-based company that provides incentive travel and event planning services, came together with Incentive magazine for an exciting new webcast about travel program gifts. Justin Rieling, Associate Account Manager with the Incentive Solutions travel department, was invited to educate listeners and share his opinions on the topic of “Using Merchandise to Complement an Incentive Travel Program.” The Incentive Solutions travel team was asked to participate based on their experience hosting successful incentive travel programs.

In the June 3rd Incentive magazine webcast, Rieling discussed merchandise gift ideas that create memorable experiences for group travel participants. Travel incentive gifts should be commemorative of big achievement—participants work hard to earn an incentive trip and their complementary gifts should make them feel proud. “Expensive doesn’t always mean better,” Rieling said. “What’s memorable is what’s really important.” He explained that Incentive Solutions’ gifts had great impact on participants because the gifts were thoughtful and personal.

Rieling shared examples of popular gifts Incentive Solutions sourced for their clients, including one-of-a-kind Maui Jim sunglasses, locally-pulled fiesta baskets for a Cabo trip, and signed metal prints featuring photography of their St. John destination. As with the Maui Jim sunglasses, program attendees took pictures with their sunglasses and shared them on social media. They enjoyed choosing their own pair from a selection, and not only wore them for the duration of the trip, but brought them along on subsequent Incentive Solutions group travel programs. “We saw an increase in redemptions for Maui Jim sunglasses after that,” Rieling noted, “so we actually created brand loyalty.”

Thoughtful, informed gifts with a personal touch are among the reasons the Incentive Solutions’ name is associated with engaging rewards and unforgettable travel experiences. Employees like Justin Rieling understand the importance of connecting with clients in meaningful, exciting ways. Investing time, effort, and creativity into travel program gifts enhances incentive travel experiences.

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