Program Communications for Successful Incentive Marketing: Communications Corner June 2020

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Welcome back to the Communications Corner where we discuss all things communication for your incentive program! I’m Stevie Petri, the Marketing Communications Specialist at Incentive Solutions.

In my last video, I talked a little bit about the importance of incentive program communications and gave you a brief introduction of our new communication packages.

In my video below, we are going to take a deeper look into the package offerings and how to formulate a creative incentive marketing and communication strategy! After you watch, keep scrolling for a brief summary of the video content. Enjoy!

Incentive Marketing & Communication Strategy

Program communications is key for getting your participants enrolled in your incentive program and keeping them engaged.

That’s why we offer a Standard Communications Plan in the base package of your rewards program.

The standard plan includes:

  • a variety of templates and triggered emails
  • monthly point-statement emails
  • redemption stimulators
  • multi-channel campaigns
  • a participant satisfaction survey

We also offer custom creative services to meet any of your incentive program marketing and communications needs. So, you can either choose from our new communication packages or go completely a-la-carte with a custom plan!

Incentive Marketing & Communication Results of 2019

Here’s a glimpse into our results from the 2019 Standard Communications plan we run on your behalf.

June Comm Corner

With opening and click-through rates that are twice the industry average, we can see right away that this communication plan achieves great results. However, to truly maximize the success of your rewards program, frequency of communication is key.

The Ideal Communication Strategy

Here’s a comparison of our standard communications plan vs. what you should be doing as best practice.

June Comm Corner 2

For your program to be truly effective, you should be communicating with your participants and marketing your program strategically and frequently, such as:

  • Developing new communications and training plans each year.
  • Segmenting your marketing initiatives to best communicate with your different audiences.
  • Promoting learning and earning opportunities.
  • Using your incentive software modules to increase engagement.

Incentive Marketing Timeline

Below is an example of a strong, annual communications plan!

June Comm Corner 5

The rows highlighted in blue indicate our standard communication touchpoints, and the rows highlighted in yellow indicate custom communication touchpoints that we recommend in order to keep your program strong and effective.

Customer Incentive Marketing Packages

We have two packages with different price-points: Standard Plus and PRO.

June comm 4

Both packages contain a variety of our most-requested program communication options for you to choose from:

  • The Standard Plus package allows you to select 3 of the 5 options. This package is a good complement to our standard package and is best used to enhance program launch, promotions, and training.
  • The Pro package allows you to select 5 of the 7 options. This package is our best value because it includes a more comprehensive plan for building brand awareness, increasing engagement, driving behaviors, and collecting participant feedback.

You can use the items in your package at any time over the course of a full calendar year from the date of purchase. Packages can be purchased upfront or paid in two installments.

Once you’ve purchased your package, our dedicated Communications Specialist will work with you and your account manager to customize each of your selections and build a custom plan aligned with your goals and objectives.

Up Next in the Communications Corner…

Keep and eye out for our communications webinar in July where I will provide you with all the details on these packages and answer any questions you may have.

If you’re a client of ours, be on the lookout for more details about the webinar from your account manager! And if you’re not a client, come learn about our incentive marketing and communication strategy and see how your business can benefit!

See you next time!

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