Incentive Insider Newsletter | June 2019

by: Nichole Gunn June 6, 2019
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What Happened in Our Exciting First Quarter of 2019?

What, Q1 of 2019 is already over?! Time flies when amazing new clients and super-talented new employees are driving your company to be the best it's ever been. We dedicate this issue to all the new faces and new ideas that helped us greet 2019 with fresh enthusiasm and a hunger for growth!


The FREE ROI Calculator Is Here!

roi calculator

The free ROI calculator is here and you can use it to. . . you guessed it, calculate the ROI of your incentive program! We've used this calculator's trusty formula for years to help prospects and clients determine what their program ROI could be depending on spend, audience, number of participants, and other factors. But now this calculator is available for you to use on your own to see where your ROI sweet spot is.


The Customer Satisfaction Survey

Every year, we ask our clients how we're doing. The feedback helps us determine whether we're achieving our goal of being a trusted advisor and valued partner to our client family. We share the results of our client satisfaction survey with you in order to be transparent about what we do and how our clients feel about us. So, what's the verdict? Read on to see!

The Basics

The Basics

  • 85% of survey respondents are in Sales or Marketing.
  • 60% of respondents were incentive program administrators or involved in their program's overall strategy.
  • 70% dedicate less than two hours a week to their incentive program.
Our Account Team

Our Account Team

  • Clients rate their Account Team's knowledge of our incentive platform 4.69 out of 5.
  • Clients rate their Account Manager's ability to provide program recommendations 4.41 out of 5.
  • Clients give their Account Manager's inquiry responsiveness a 4.61 out of 5.
  • Clients give Senior Management's availability for consultation a 4.09 out of 5.
Our Incentive Program Platform

Our Incentive Program Platform

  • Clients rate our program website navigability 4.1 out of 5.
  • Clients rate the ease of using our program technology's admin tools 4 out of 5.
  • Client rate their reward website's success at conveying intended branding and message of the program 4.5 out of 5.
Our Service

Our Service

  • Clients rate their overall satisfaction with our company 9.27 out of 10.
  • Clients rate their likeliness of recommending our company to a friend or colleague 9.13 out of 10.

Want to know more about any of the above incentive program features? Contact your account manager or message us!


Top Redeemed Rewards of 2019 Q1

Top Redeemed Rewards of 2019 Q1

Which rewards lit a fire under participants in Q1 of 2019? These popular items from our catalog did!


Fandango Movie Tickets

Those quick and easy, instantly-gratifying Fandango movie tickets continue to come out on top! And with superhero blockbusters ever on the horizon, we're sure participants are gonna keep trading in their points for sweet theater seats.


RedBox is holding strong on the #2 spot! Looks like an evening in with a good flick is second only to a big-screen experience.

Apple AirPods

The #3 spot this quarter goes to Apple AirPods! Whether they're working out to their Gym Playlist or enthralled with a new audiobook, participants are eager to get their hands on these wireless earbuds.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

The Fire Stick is on fire! This device has been one of our top redeemed rewards for a long time, so it's no surprise to see it still topping the charts in 2019.

Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls

You can never have too many of these babies. Whether they're discreetly replacing those balls eaten by ponds or gifting dad with a reason to hit the greens, participants love grabbing new golf balls.

Ring Smart Video Doorbell

Knock knock. Who's there? It's the #6 most redeemed reward of Q1 2019, the Ring Smart Video Doorbell! This smart doorbell allows you a video view from your doorbell, two-way talking, and motion-activated notifications, all accessible from any PC or mobile device. It's easy to see why participants are scrambling to get such a useful gadget!

The Communications Corner, Starring Stevie Petri

The Communications Corner

Incentive Solutions will be publishing The Communications Corner every month on our blog to help you achieve jaw-dropping incentive program ROI using proven, effective communication strategies. Are you pumped? We're pumped! This month's Communications Corner features an introduction to our Marketing Communications Specialist, Stevie Petri, and everything she does to help Incentive Solutions partners excel at program communications.


We Made the News!

Gamification: Key to Engaging Sales Force How do you keep your insurance sales force's heads in the game? Our new article published in Insurance Thought Leadership offers strategies on working gamification into your sales incentive program so your sales team stays engaged and excited!


Star Performer of the Quarter: Amy Green

amy green

Amy Aims High and Never Misses!

Our Star Employee of the Quarter is the tenacious and outrageously talented Amy Green! As soon as Amy joined our travel department as an Account Manager, she was hit with some pretty big challenges. We had just put a slew of exciting new incentive trips on the books, including a client was about to run a big travel program using our in-house incentive technology, which had never been done before. Amy met it all with the ferocity and grace we have all come to love about her. "She managed a trip to Mexico, 300 people, a new program with a new client, and it went flawlessly," says Deven Crane, Director of Travel Services. "The client didn't even come to the next program, they were so confident in her skills and happy to leave everything in her hands." She works tirelessly to ensure that each incentive trip she runs is a grand slam, and everyone always leaves delighted. "The best part of this job is when a client says 'Thank you,'" says Deven. "So thank you, Amy."

Veeps in the House!

In the first quarter of 2019, two people got very special promotions—they became Vice Presidents. Who were these hard-working, shining stars, you ask? None other than Mandy Freeman and Nichole Gunn. Read more below about their journeys to Incentive Solutions VP status.

mandy freemanMandy Freeman VP of Account ManagementMandy's time with Incentive Solutions began 11 years ago, in Sales. She found her true calling in Account Management soon after. Throughout those 11 years, she's been instrumental in many improvements made to Incentive Solutions’ software. She's our ear to the ground when it comes to our client's needs and has worked hard to make sure their incentive programs reach their goals. Under her leadership, some of Incentive Solutions’ most successful incentive programs flourished."Mandy brings an extra focus on the human element to the leadership team," says Incentive Solutions President & CEO Mark Herbert. "She’s got a ton of empathy and gives a lot of thought to how people interact. It’s good to have that level of diversity on the team as to how people think.”Congratulations, Mandy, and thank you for being the trusted voice of our clients!
nichole gunnNichole Gunn VP of Marketing & Creative ServicesNichole was originally brought on-board as a marketing department "fixer" for Incentive Solutions in 2008. She helped bring Incentive Solutions into the digital era, drastically increasing lead generation and web traffic. Her dedication not only elevated Incentive Solutions’ digital marketing, but also helped reshape organizational culture. Nichole Gunn led the charge for maternity leave and campaigned for a more casual, "work hard, play hard" work environment, with flex hours and remote work days."Nichole holds other people accountable," says Mark Herbert. "She’s really good at getting the people around her to operate at a higher level."Congratulations, Nichole, and thank you for all you've done to shape the Incentive Solutions image and brand!

New Kids Roll Call!

Rudy BrownRudy Brown Participant Services CoordinatorRudy was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. He graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a BA in Psychology and a minor in English - Writing. By 2014, Atlanta had called to him with its abundance of opportunities and activities, including concerts, festivals, writing conferences and entertainment. In his free time, Rudy likes to read, write poetry, play videos games and watch sports. We're so happy to have you in our work fam, Rudy!
Kathleen DiazKathleen Diaz Account ManagerKathleen is originally from Long Island, and moved to New Jersey before making her way to Georgia (next stop: a tropical island!). She received her BS in Marketing from Capella University with Summa cum laude honors and has spent many years in client services and marketing agency roles. Married with three sons and Clyde the Labrador, she likes to spend her free time trying out at least one new recipe a week, traveling, researching her family history, and spending time with family. Welcome aboard, Kathleen!
Renee IvyRenee Ivy Director of OperationsRenee, born and raised in Atlanta, received a BA with Honors in Computer Information Systems from Georgia State University and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). Prior to joining Incentive Solutions, she managed a myriad of business and operations functions for a various companies, ranging from a bio-tech startup to a Fortune 500 organization. Renee enjoys the outdoors and spending time with family and friends. We're thrilled to have you in the Incentive Solutions family, Renee!
tyonTyon London Merchandise SpecialistTyon grew up and went to school in the Caribbean (Antigua), completing A Levels in Statistics, Communications and Geography. She has a wealth of customer service experience, from manning a technical support help desk to checking in airline passengers. She has a creative bent, too, which includes photography, creative writing and music. Welcome to the Incentive Solutions family, Tyon!
Jasmyn SmithJasmyn Smith Office ManagerJasmyn grew up in Atlanta and Daytona Beach. She attended Paul Mitchell School in Atlanta and has worked in retail/customer service, as well as in hair and makeup for Atlanta fashion/hair shows like Bronner Bros. International Beauty Show. Her hobbies include photography, design/home décor, shopping, reading and bowling. Good luck in your new role, Jasmyn!

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