Incentive Awards: Incentive Solutions Featured in Incentive Magazine and Business Insider

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News of Incentive Solutions and Michelin North America’s Incentive Marketing Association 2019 Circle of Excellence Award has been making the rounds. The story was picked up In Incentive Magazine and Business Insider.

One of the most prestigious incentive awards in the industry, the Incentive Marketing Association’s Circle of Excellence Award recognizes companies for developing and designing outstanding, innovative, and effective non-cash incentive programs.

Our program with Michelin was named the 2019 winner for ‘Sales Incentives.’ Here’s what Lisa A. Grimaldi at Incentive Magazine had to say:

“Incentive Solutions, winner for the Circle of Excellence sales incentive category, was lauded for the program it created for client Michelin North America’s small fleet/small dealer segment. The firm was cited for updating Michelin’s rewards program to create a better synergy with its target audience, increase engagement for sales support, gain support from independent owners, establish a mass-communication platform and add the ability to customize promotions.”

While we’re honored by the incentive awards we’ve received this year, we’re even more excited by all of the great news coverage. As more businesses learn about the power of incentive programs, more businesses will be able to realize their potential to grow, and that’s super exciting for us. The incentive industry has made huge strides over the last decade or two, and I feel like we’re just beginning to scratch the surface on what’s possible when motivational rewards meet powerful incentive technology.

Coverage of our award also appeared in KTVN, NBC 2, and ABC 6, among other placements. Thanks again for Michelin North America and the Incentive Marketing Association for making this possible!

What’s Next for Incentive Solutions?

We’ve never been a company to let a few incentive awards make us complacent. We take the time to celebrate, but we’re even more excited about what the future holds! We’re committed to continuing to push the envelope on incentive technology development and provide exceptional service to our clients.

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