How Outdated Email Lists Could Be Hurting Your B2B Marketing

by: Nichole Gunn June 24, 2015

Incentive Solutions CEO discussed the topic of up-to-date email lists in his latest Business Radio X show, “Business Matters.” Steve sat down with Social123 Senior Enterprise Representative, Joe McKenna, who explained the value of up-to-date contact data in B2B marketing.


Social123’s and Incentive Solutions’ clients face the same challenges: in order to market effectively, they need timely contact data. Social123 ran into this problem when their business was created, first as a listening piece. They changed course when they recognized the need for updated contact resources. “As the sales guy…. for this new company,” McKenna said, “my biggest problem was data. I was calling on people who were no longer there…. So we literally decided to make a pivot and design a fix for that. And that’s what we have now, which is our social database.”

Tune in to the podcast to hear more about the techniques Social123’s uses to provide up-to-date contact information that helps distribution channels improve their B2B marketing strategies.

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About Nichole Gunn

Nichole Gunn is the VP of Marketing at Incentive Solutions, an Atlanta-based incentive company that delivers advanced, agile B2B customer loyalty and channel sales incentives programs.