Empower Distribution Channel Marketing Using Rewards

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Personalized marketing (i.e. individualized promotions, announcements, or offers) have become the norm for B2C customer expectations. The expectation is quickly making its way to B2B customers. But when customers are much more likely to follow, subscribe to, and engage with their favorite coffeeshop than their HVAC or refrigerator supplier, how can you better engage and market to your customer base? Rewards allow you to tap into your customers’ emotional side. Check out this five-part strategy for using rewards to improve and personalize your distribution channel marketing:

  1. Training Rewards

    Keep your channel partners educated and empowered to sell your partners by rewarding them for completing training.

    • Earning certifications
    • Completing training courses
    • Attending webinars
    • Passing quizzes
    • Answering daily trivia

  2. Rebates for end-user info

    Attach rebate opportunities to your products so end-users can earn rewards for submitting their information. Require end-users to submit information for rebates such as:

    • Contact info
    • Age, gender, marital status
    • Lifestyle information (hobbies, interests, etc)
    • Product knowledge and concerns
    • Communication preferences

  3. Rewards for extra sales data

    Provide a sales claims upload and verification function so channel partners can quickly submit sales documentation in exchange for rewards. Reward channel partners for submitting:

    • Warranty registrations
    • Aftermarket appointments

  4. Segmented sales promotions

    Segment your channel partners into different groups to tailor each sales promotions’ goals, qualifications, or duration. Segment channel partners according to:

    • Region
    • Organization
    • Verticals
    • Performance levels
    • Partner type (dealer, contractor, etc.)

  5. Reward activity & engagement analytics

    Access reward program dashboards and analytics to assess the results of your program activity. Analyze your reward program participants activities, such as:

    • Logins
    • Reward redemption activity
    • Email click and open rates
    • Program engagement levels

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About Nichole Gunn

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