How can dealer sales managers benefit from running a sales incentives program? Which best practices will help them increase sales and return high ROI on their program? We tackled these questions and more in an article published by Dealer Marketing magazine: 3 Ways to Use Technology to Improve Your Sales Incentive Programs.

Historically, the main problem with dealer sales incentive programs is that they bog down sales reps’ precious time with extra administrative tasks. Submitting sales claims, keeping up with sales promotions and learning the incentive program rules and procedures can quickly turn tedious. Not to mention, salespeople have to wait around for their sales claim to be received and validated before they even see rewards for their extra efforts. Online and mobile technology can help dealership sales leaders execute sales incentive programs make more sense today’s on-the-go, multitasking sales teams.

  • Online technology can keep sales incentives programs easy to use, but fresh and flexible. As opposed to cash rewards, which people tend to mentally attach to their salary, an online incentive program offers participants digital point rewards, so sales incentives retain the “extra”-ness that makes them motivating.
  • Digital and mobile technology allow you to communicate sales incentive program information quickly and easily to make updates, alerts and data exchange more convenient.
  • Online sales rewards programs offer opportunities to expand beyond just incentives to increase sales. You can offer incentive rewards for other behaviors, such as completing training to increase product knowledge, earning skill certifications and more.

Read the full article on these strategies to better understand the elements of a successful dealer sales incentive program.


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About Mark Herbert

Mark Herbert is President and CEO of Incentive Solutions. He has more than 30 years of experience overseeing business operations within the incentives industry, helping companies increase channel sales, build customer loyalty, motivate employees, and grow their business.

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