You heard that right! Our new e-book, the Channel Incentive Playbook, is now available to download for free! Written by our President and CEO, Mark Herbert, this e-book journeys through the use of incentives in the sales channel, combining incentive program data with actionable tips for creating a successful channel incentive program. Building relationships with channel partners is the foundation of effective channel strategy, and an incentive program is a valuable asset in navigating the challenges of today’s sales channel.

Channel Incentive Playbook

Let’s take a look into the four main chapters of the Channel Incentive Playbook.

Chapter 1: Successful Channel Incentive Program Examples

With 25+ years of channel incentive program success, we’ve highlighted common challenges faced in the sales channel. By linking them to incentive programs examples, this chapter illustrates how channel incentive programs can be used to achieve channel strategy goals. Examples include:

  • Ensuring profitable volume
  • Educating partner salespeople
  • Dominating a sector and Integrating with CRM
  • Identifying end-users;
  • Driving volume
  • Shaping product mix
  • Building market share

Chapter 2: Channel Incentive Program Benchmarks

Building a channel incentive program is merely the first of many steps into achieving channel strategy goals. Hitting key incentive program benchmarks are the best way to determine if your channel partners are engaged with and invested in your program. These benchmarks include:

Chapter 3: The Psychology of Motivation

Understanding the human response to incentives and rewards are another way to ensure incentive program success within the sales channel. This chapter explains the importance of structuring a channel incentive program with clear guidelines and challenging, yet achievable performance thresholds. It also compares the different reward types, identifying the most effective for keeping channel partners motivated and engaged.

Chapter 4: Best Practices for a Successful Channel Partner Incentive Program

Bringing the book to a clear and concise close is a list of actionable steps to take to run the most successful channel incentive program possible. With over four pages of tips, this chapter provides valuable information for companies both interested in investing in an incentive program, or are looking to make their current program more effective. Highlighting advanced communication tools as well as ongoing performance tracking and data analysis, this section covers all the faucets of a healthy channel incentive program.

Time to Test Out the Plays! Use the Channel Incentive Playbook to Increase Business in the Sales Channel

What better way to test out the knowledge of this book than to begin your channel incentive program journey? Incentive rewards can help you out-rank the competition, capture market share in the sales channel, and capture mind share of your channel partners. With innovative incentive technology, and the incentive industry experience to back it up, let Incentive Solutions help. Take advantage of our free consultations and speak with an incentive expert today!

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About Nichole Gunn

Nichole Gunn is the VP of Marketing at Incentive Solutions, an Atlanta-based incentive company that delivers advanced, agile B2B customer loyalty and channel sales incentives programs.

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