Competition Knocking You Out with a Better B2B Customer Retention Program?

by | Jan 8, 2018 | B2B Marketing, Channel Incentives, Channel Sales, Customer Loyalty

How does a B2B customer decide whether to buy from you or your competition? Put yourself in their shoes. You’re looking at two companies with the same product. How do you decide? Odds are, you would choose the company that gives you the most personal value. The one where you feel rewarded for being a loyal customer.

b2b customer retention
This is why your B2B customer retention program is so important. Your business needs to make sure your customer experience and loyalty value stack up to the competition. Are you doing everything you can to keep your customers happy with your business? Is your B2B customer loyalty or retention plan good enough to be a contender? Follow the infographic below for some tips to help you improve your B2B loyalty program!

<strong>About </strong>Luke Kreitner

About Luke Kreitner

Luke Kreitner is the VP of Sales at Incentive Solutions, an Atlanta-based incentive company that specializes in helping B2B businesses accelerate growth, increase sales, motivate channel partners and retain B2B customers.

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