What’s Happening at the Best Companies to Work for?

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Fortune’s annual 100 Best Companies to Work For list is out and many of the same companies that were on there last year grace the list with their presence once again. For someone in the incentives and motivation industry, it’s great to read about what it is these companies do to be at the forefront of the want-to-work-for job market.

Let’s take a look at what some of the top performers provide for their employees that make them so pumped about working there.

  • Salesforce – Salesforce is seriously committed to giving their employees time and space to grow, recharge, and give back to the community. In addition to unlimited vacation time, they offer employees seven days of paid time off and a matching policy (up to $5,000) every year to spend giving back to causes that are meaningful to them.
  • Wegman’s – Grocery store chain Wegman’s understands what drives employee motivation and job satisfaction: a sense of purpose and improving the world. Along with multiple policies supporting physical, mental and financial employee well-being, they also reclaim millions of pounds of food from their stores and distributing it to local food banks.
  • Adobe Systems – Performance reviews? Old news. Instead of performance reviews, Adobe implemented real-time feedback with bosses.
  • Hilton – Hilton’s commitment to diversity is what makes them a unique, stand-out company to work for. Their workforce is made up of 69% minorities and they make a point to direct much (21%) of their supplier spending to minority-owned businesses.
  • Publix – If you want to work for Publix, the only requirement is a “deep desire to serve others.” This policy allows Publix to offer career opportunities to a diverse spectrum of dedicated employees.
  • Novo Nordisk – Novo Nordisk practices what they preach. A diabetes-focused pharmaceutical company, they cover diabetes cared for employees, as well as college admissions counselors for employees’ kids.
  • Workday – The name is misleading. The average employee experience here doesn’t inspire images of dull fluorescent lights and endless, identical cubicles. With on-site amenities like car washes, bike repair, and manicures (the San Francisco office has a slide, employees say it “feels like Disneyland.”

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When looking at these perks, it’s clear that employee loyalty and motivation don’t come from paychecks alone. Companies that go out on a limb and even do risky things in the name of employee wellness are the ones employees want to work for. And it doesn’t always take mega-bucks to offer employees something special. Identify what makes your organization unique and provide unique incentives and benefits rooted in those values.

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