b2b loyalty program experience

Data that drives a unique b2b loyalty program experience

    • Use data to learn more about customers.
    • Create a better b2b loyalty program experience with personalized content.

Non-cash incentive rewards

  • Non-cash rewards leave a lasting memory.
  • Memories influence B2B customer behaviors.
  • Customer engagement and customer loyalty increase.

A fair loyalty rewards payout

  • Match the reward to the effort spent.
  • Use a flexible incentive platform.
  • Offer tiered incentive rewards for a unique B2B loyalty program experience for different customer groups.

Surprise rewards

  • Unexpected rewards again create a lasting memory.
  • Positive impression and pleasant memory keeps your B2B customers coming back for more.


  • Invite companies to co-sponsor your program.
  • Incorporate non-competing companies into your loyalty program.
  • Give your customers a wide selection and better program experience.

<strong>About </strong>Steve Damerow

About Steve Damerow

Steve Damerow is the Founder of Incentive Solutions, an incentive program provider in Atlanta specializing in helping B2B companies increase distribution channel sales, establish customer loyalty and retention, and develop long-lasting channel partnerships.

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