5 Paths to B2B Data Enrichment

by | May 11, 2021 | B2B Marketing, Channel Sales, Customer Data

In B2B industries, product differentiation is sometimes limited due to standardizations and lack of end-user brand loyalty. In cases like these, an efficient strategy for collecting B2B data can be an incredible competitive advantage. A rewards program is an often-overlooked method for collecting unique B2B data. This infographic describes some of the ways a reward program can lead to B2B data enrichment:

b2b data enrichment

Some types of channel incentive plans that foster B2B data enrichment include:

Sales Incentive Programs

Rewarding salespeople for revenue-driving behaviors, encouraging competition and peak performance, and making your top performers feel appreciated is a great way to build a better sales culture that delivers data and grows continuously.

B2B Loyalty Programs

Loyalty rewards help you retain your top customers and make your brand personally relevant. When your customers feel connected to your brand and its personal value to them, they’re more loyal and ready to offer helpful customer data in exchange for that value.

Channel Incentive Programs

Managing an incentive strategy for your entire distribution channel doesn’t have to be a time and resource suck. Tools that track performance and organize channel partner segments help you motivate channel partners with the right rewards at exactly the right time.

<strong>About </strong>Mandy Freeman

About Mandy Freeman

Mandy Freeman is Vice President of Account Management at Incentive Solutions. She leads a highly skilled team of account managers who create, manage, and measure competitive incentive programs for B2B companies. As an advocate for our clients’ growth, Mandy Freeman is instrumental in prioritizing inter-departmental initiatives and development cycles for our loyalty program software.

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