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The Incentive Solutions News blog is a leading resource on cultural and business trends as they relate to incentives, reward programs, employee engagement, customer loyalty and sales strategies. We strive to bring you valuable, pertinent content with solid, useable advice you can apply in your incentive strategies. Feel free to contact us with any studies or incentive news stories you’d like to see us publish.

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We're hiring for a new position of Executive Assistant here at Incentive Solutions, Inc. (ISI)! This person will report directly to the CEO and President of ISI, as well as… Read More


For businesses looking to implement an incentive program, the sky is truly the limit. Companies can choose from a variety of incentive program types all while utilizing an array of… Read More


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When it comes to the state of B2B sales in 2020, navigating eCommerce solutions have become the future. While B2C and retail eCommerce have initially lead the charge, B2B sales… Read More


Here at ISI, employee appreciation within our workplace is not an add-on; it is the core of our business. Our mission statement reads: “To inspire growth- for our clients and… Read More

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