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As was the case with so many industries, the COVID-19 pandemic sent insurance companies reeling. A Deloitte industry study reported that 48% of insurance executives said the pandemic showed how… Read More


When is a corporate incentive program more than an incentive program? When it produces escalating ROI, sales and customer data, and facilitates strategies to increase market share. The original purpose… Read More


Online rewards programs have become common among businesses. It’s estimated that more than 90 percent of companies currently use some form of online reward or loyalty program. Rewards programs are… Read More


Sales motivation and engagement are year-round processes. As you put your sales plans to work, you must consider incentives that will motivate your sales staff, drive performance, and keep morale… Read More


The COVID-19 pandemic brought immense challenges to tire and auto industries. Reports indicate that the tire industry is “experiencing its largest volume declines in decades” and a slow recovery is… Read More


Some of the common ways to increase market share are product improvement, adjusting price points, utilizing VC funding, streamlining processes, or driving new sales and marketing initiatives. Not every market… Read More

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