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Need the right B2B customer loyalty program to give you an edge over your competition?

Take the lead in your industry by giving your B2B buyers a rewarding B2B customer experience.

Let’s set up a B2B loyalty program that increases customer data and purchases!

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Our B2B Customer Loyalty programs increase sales and market share.
Review for B2B Customer Loyalty Programs
Written by: Robyn G
Date Published: 02/01/2017
I work with Incentive Solutions for our B2B loyalty program. They have exceptional knowledge and service. Their team members are all A-Team and we have accomplished launching a completely new program in a short turnaround time. Definitely best in the business for B2B loyalty programs.
5 / 5 stars

Reward them with the best B2B customer experience. Win their loyalty again and again.

Wouldn't it be great if your top B2B customers worked with you and only you? But they don't. Every day they choose between you and other manufacturers. Make their decision to stay loyal to your brand simple with the right B2B customer loyalty program. The best programs combine strategic B2B marketing plans with technology for one effective B2B customer experience.

Are you having trouble with B2B customer loyalty because of these pain points?

  • Difficulty training up B2B customers on your products.
  • Your B2B customer experience doesn't stand out in your market.
  • You feel like there's no surefire way to retain top B2B buyers sustainably.
  • Increasingly fewer ways to increase B2B sales without discounting.
  • Your competitor started a channel loyalty program, and now you've got to catch up.
  • There's simply not enough unique benefits you offer to your B2B partnerships right now.
  • You've tried researching and managing a channel loyalty program, but you don't have the time or resources to go it alone.

Which of our B2B customer loyalty rewards will you choose for your top B2B relationships?

Online Rewards

Reward B2B buyers for their loyalty with reward points toward millions of trendy items in our online rewards catalog.

Debit or Gift Card Rewards

Nurture B2B customer loyalty sustainably with debit and gift card rewards to 175+ brands.

Incentive Travel and Events Management

Treat top customers to trips and events of a lifetime that strengthen your B2B partnerships.

Introducing your solution to declining B2B loyalty – our B2B customer loyalty programs and incentive technology!

B2B Customer Loyalty Program Website

Here’s what comes with your branded website: a participant portal, admin controls, and an online rewards catalog.

Communications Plan

A tactical, 12-month B2B marketing campaign designed to amplify your program’s message and engage the most participants.

Free reports

We offer you 24/7 access to the program reports you need to develop strategies that work and prove ROI – at no extra cost!

Dedicated account manager

Your ROI-certified account manager helps you interpret program data and design strategies that boost channel loyalty.

Which add-on modules do you need to enhance your B2B customer loyalty program?

Performance Tracking

Schedule and manage multiple promotions across different departments or regions with ease. Tell me more!!

Mobile App

Make sales claim validation and uploads simple with a mobile portal into your program. Tell me more!


Stoke friendly competition by showing off top reps on this automated leaderboard. Tell me more!

Learn and Earn

Motivate every B2B customer in your program to brush up on your product information. Tell me more!


Make your program a fun and memorable B2B customer experience with virtual games. Tell me more!

Integration Services

Integrate your website or customer relationship system (CRM) with your loyalty program. Tell me more!

Org Structure and Advanced Hierarchy

Easily organize management roles, billing, and analytics for different buyers in your program. Tell me more!

Open Enrollment

Find out who previously unknown buyers are with an open invitation into your program. Tell me more!

How have our B2B customer loyalty programs helped businesses like yours?


Take a look at what clients have said about our channel loyalty programs.

What can you expect with the right B2B customer loyalty program?

    According to the Pepperdine University Graziadio Business Review, referrals from loyal customers have a 92% retention rate vs. only 68% for customers acquired from advertising.

    Harvard Business Review research says that a 2% increase in customer retention has the same effect on profits as a 10% cost cut, and the average company loses 10% of customers every year.

    A repeat customer spends 67% more than a new one, according to Manta and BIA/Kelsey research.

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