Who We Are

At Incentive Solutions, our mission is clear: To inspire growth—for our clients and our employees. That requires learning something new every day. It requires being better today than you were yesterday, better tomorrow than you are today. It requires going against the grain, pushing for more and challenging trends. We’re incredibly proud of the growth we’ve produced for our clients, the relationships we've built, and how we’ve grown.

We know that the people who make up Incentive Solutions are our greatest assets. Our teams are composed of the most talented, forward-thinking individuals in the market. We provide countless training opportunities to ensure we are all on top of our game. We value diversity and the multitude of experiences and ideas everyone brings to the table. Our leadership team includes two of the most brilliant women in the incentive industry. In fact, we are one of the few incentive companies that include women on their executive team. We recognize the value of people from all walks of life and we embrace it. That’s just who we are.

What We Do

We build award-winning incentive reward programs that target the B2B industry. We offer a full spectrum of rewards, including group travel, online rewards (points programs), and card programs (debit or gift). These programs are all powered by our RewardTrax technology and our people.

We focus on helping increase visibility through your sales channel, identifying who your buyers are and what they're buying, and we help you push your messaging and promotions. We can also integrate with your CRM so you can easily access the data you need when you need it. Our account teams review the data with you, advise on opportunities, and work with you to ensure your program and marketing dollars are providing the return you need.

A Legacy of Innovation. Inspiration. Incentives.

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Industries We Serve

We coined the term BthruB—for businesses selling through other businesses. If you sell through a distribution channel, we’re for you. Take advantage of our unmatched industry expertise, combined with diverse rewards, to inspire growth for your business.













Looking ahead to the future of the incentive industry

Incentive Solutions is committed to being a leader in incentive marketing, loyalty program technology, and customer loyalty management. We continuously adapt and push the envelope. We challenge the status quo, and we’re looking forward to moving the incentive industry forward.

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Incentive Program Secrets for Manufacturers
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