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Little ditty about Incentive Solutions

Incentive Solutions is led by Founder and CEO Steve Damerow and President Mark Herbert. Steve, somewhat of a maverick, started Incentive Solutions in 1994 after being fired from, at the time, one of the top incentive companies. After the initial shock, he set out to prove that he could do incentives better, vowing to one day lead the industry with an incentive company of his own.

Steve believed the incentive market would explode if it included more than just travel. During the 1990s, incentive companies had an eye for incentive travel, and incentive travel only. Steve felt travel incentives were only appropriate for a specific audience – top earners. And he knew clients wanted to incent all of their channel participants with corporate incentives, not just the top 20%. He understood that the average-performing, but majority 60% offered the most room for growth. After studying economic and technology trends very closely (Amazon was just becoming mainstream), his “lightbulb” went off.  He decided to move forward with an online reward strategy, adding merchandise and gift/debit cards to the basket of incentive rewards. And he didn’t stop there. He decided to bring more than just a reward solution, but rather a complete incentive marketing and sales tool – revolutionary in the early 90s. Incentive Solutions opens its doors, bringing an innovative approach to the incentives industry as an incentive management company.

In 2002, Steve brought in Mark Herbert as President and COO. Both of Mark’s parents were travel agents. In fact, Mark “earned” his first travel reward to France in 1988 as a high school graduation present. Upon landing, though, he quickly realized it was a “working” vacation, and he was part of the travel staff for an Alpo Dog Food corporate incentive trip. Today, he is both the heart and strategic mind behind Incentive Solutions.

Incentive Solutions now has over 200 clients. Since 2010 we have facilitated over $200 M worth of incentive rewards to all levels of participants – from small debit card spiffs to cutting edge electronics and the most memorable experiences of travel rewards. We cover a broad range of industries and corporate incentives, and specialize in distributor and channel programs, sales incentives and customer loyalty programs.

Incentive Solutions was founded in 1994 and since then have broadened our portfolio of solutions to help our clients increase sales, build customer loyalty, motivate employees and change behaviors. We design, implement and support points-based online rewards programs, debit and gift card rewards programs, group travel rewards programs and provide meetings and events services.

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Industries We Serve

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Building Construction/HVAC
  • Communications
  • Distribution
  • Financial Services

  • Healthcare and Wellness
  • Hospitality
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Transportation

Because of our diverse rewards offerings and varied industry expertise, we can help clients develop the incentive solutions that best match their specific market situations and target audiences.

Our reward products are complemented by dedicated account management services, a proprietary, modern incentive technology platform, sophisticated communications design and performance tracking tools to bring loyalty programs and business results to life. Our end-to-end capabilities, continuous innovation and unmatched team experience enable us to delight clients time and time again by exceeding expectations.


A legacy of innovative incentive ideas



Incentive Solutions opens its doors offering Group Incentive Travel. Later this year, we become the first to apply the use of emerging debit and gift card rewards technology within the incentive industry.


Launched our proprietary, online incentive technology platform, focusing on point programs and the administrative tool. Later this year, we become the 1st to pair gift card rewards with incentive online incentive technology.


Developed a full suite of pre-programmed, fully configurable software modules to customize your incentive program and act as a marketing tool to achieve your objectives. We continue to expand and add modules, every year.


Loyaltyworks is acquired by Incentive Solutions.


Mobile optimization is added to all rewards programs. Mobile apps now available.


Developed ROI and analytics processes. AM’s become ROI certified.


Admin dashboards, gamification, interactive leaderboards and CRM integration are all added to our growing list of products. We also now pair group travel programs with our incentive technology platform.

We believe that we can be of best service to our clients by continuously adapting to new business models, technologies and changing marketplaces. That’s why, after more than two decades of successful operation as an incentive management company, we remain committed to innovation and continue to enjoy a reputation for being imitated by others based on our multiple incentive industry firsts. Incentive Solutions was founded in 1994 with a focus on clients’ incentive travel needs. Less than a decade later, we saw the potential of new loyalty program technology and were the first to utilize the application of debit cards in the incentive industry before many other incentive companies made the switch. With our in-house technology know-how, we enabled direct APIs with bank processors and it quickly made us an industry leader in the new market we created.

Foreseeing how the Internet would change businesses, in we launched 2005 our proprietary, software-as-a-service rewards technology platform. This powerful and versatile engine now serves as the foundational infrastructure to all our clients’ online reward and loyalty programs. Our technology’s modular structure enables continual updates and new features as market needs evolve, allowing us to customize programs to suit any organization’s needs.


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The Incentive Solutions Group of Companies is born!

Based on the great market success in utilizing our incentive technology software, we acquired Loyaltyworks in 2009, a 30-year old incentive company specializing in online rewards programs. This transaction successfully merged that company’s experienced staff and extensive clientele list with our program infrastructure and sophisticated business model.

In 2012, we formed The Incentive Solutions Group of Companies to preserve the well-known and highly respected market brands of Incentive Solutions and Loyaltyworks, which today continue to provide successful business incentive programs to a diverse range of industries.

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