3 Reasons Your Company’s B2B Sales Growth Has Flatlined

by: Luke Kreitner May 14, 2018

Your B2B sales growth has plateaued, and the numbers show it. You’ve checked every box, every facet of your company – the product, your salespeople, and anything your competitors could be doing differently – but those aren’t an issue. So what is?

You consistently develop great organizational goals, but fail to loop the sales department in on how they can help the company achieve it.

Unpleasant surprises strike when the right hand fails to understand what the left hand is doing. In business, the organizational goal should be on every department’s radar, especially the sales team. Without clear, connected goals that your salespeople can latch on to, your company risks missing opportunities to blaze through organizational goals. An informed sales department can help the company move toward even the boldest end-of-year objective.

Your salespeople waste time wrestling with sales tools meant to help them when they could be engaging with new business.

Poor performing digital solutions can mean the difference between turning a profit and facing the threat of stagnating B2B sales growth. When salespeople spend too much time managing their calendars, appointments and clients with CRM solutions that are anything but helpful, both time and money are wasted. Instead, lead your marketing and sales department through a technology diet, pruning any tools that complicate the sales process and are not cost-effective.

Your company targets new clients only.

Beyond the occasional newsletter, have your existing buyers heard from your company since the close of the deal? Many companies direct their sales teams to new client acquisition, leaving existing clients in the cold and vulnerable to your competitors.

To keep communication lines between your company and its buyers open, begin cross-selling and upselling products and services that address new pain points they may have. Cross-selling and upselling not only increases your company’s profits, but raise customer loyalty. Consider onboarding an incentive program to seal the deal. Cross-selling, upselling and the development of an incentive program for existing buyers ensures that your company’s revenue reaches new heights.

When B2B sales growth slumps, take a look at the internal structures of your company: your goals, technology and current customer relations. Somewhere in the mix, may be your culprit.

About Luke Kreitner

Luke Kreitner is the VP of Sales at Incentive Solutions, an Atlanta-based incentive company that specializes in helping B2B businesses accelerate growth, increase sales, motivate channel partners and retain B2B customers.