Creating Sales Opportunities Is a Team Effort

Creating Sales Opportunities Is a Team Effort

By: Luke Kreitner

September 10th, 2018

Have a feeling that your company misses key opportunities to make a sale? It could be that your sales team alone is responsible for making and closing deals with clients. Instead, you should develop a company culture where everyone is creating sales opportunities. That way, your company maximizes sales opportunities with each and every employee.

creating sales opportunities

What do gain when you encourage everyone to start creating sales opportunities?

  1. Opportunities to upsell to current clients and get referrals. Think of your sales team as your first string players. Not every sale should be theirs. Everyone from account managers to distributors to receptionists and customer support can score a sale at the right time, with the right training.
  2. Sales opportunities stemming from employee’s network. What’s way better than cold-calling? Culling prospects from your employees’ network. Prospects are way more likely to become customers if they’re referred to you by someone they know and trust.
  3. A more motivated sales team and happier organization overall. When salespeople see the rest of the company getting invested and helping out with sales goals, they can’t help but experience a motivation boost!

Your sales team doesn’t have to navigate the sales process alone. Not with an organization full of people – both inside your organization and out – that share their vision and are in a unique position to help them. For more information on why a dedicated and defined sales culture nets the sales results you want to see, check out our infographic.

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