Scheck Receives Recognition for Its Safety Program Initiatives

by: Nichole Gunn March 4, 2011

Workplace safety is a concern for all businesses, especially for companies in industries such as construction, and piping.

Scheck Industries is a company that realizes how essential safety reward programs are for creating a safe and effective workplace. In fact, the Illinois-based service industrial piping and mechanical construction contractor recently admitted that the safety programs take top priority in the company.

Putting such emphasis on the design and implementation of its safety programs to ensure employee safety earned Scheck the honor of being recognized as one of the nation's safest workplaces from the Mechanical Contracts Association of America (MCA). notes that the company’s safety award is in part due to upward of 1 million hours of employee safety training.

According to PlantServices, the honor and benefits of earning such an award is passed onto Scheck’s workers. They are provided incentives and rewards in the form of points that are accrued through each hour of safety training fulfilled. The points can be exchanged for gifts such as, jackets, polo shirts, and other items.

Statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics show that fatal workplace accidents were at 4,340 in 2009, compared to 5,214 the prior year. This provides hard evidence of the benefits and necessity of implementing safety strategies, including safety training, to create a safer workplace environment.

Dan Bulley, senior vice president of MCA of Chicago and head of its Safety Committee, explained, “Safety must be a top priority on every job site.” He added, "We don’t take chances with our workforce. Union safety training, in combination with the educational programs our association offers, provides our contractors and workers with the knowledge needed to work in optimal safety conditions."

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