Creative and Affordable Employee Incentive Programs Prove to be Effective

by: Nichole Gunn December 14, 2010

How do business owners increase worker productivity while at the same time fostering worker respect?

Incentive programs that are unique and flexible is the way to go. Well designed and implemented rewards programs have the capability of achieving both.

Creating incentives that will offer a pleasant, even fun, workplace environment will motivate and generate employee satisfaction. Implementing incentives such as pizza parties, availability of laundry services, and even massages, are employee rewards that are guaranteed to boost morale and productivity. Lack of creativity is the employer’s only limitation.

President of The Coaching Institute Terri Levine explained, “During a business coaching engagement, I found employee morale to be way down.” The solution impemented was to provide a weekly function or event. She added, “One week we asked everyone to bring in a baby picture, post it on a wall, then pick which person matched each picture. Everyone was having fun and socializing while productivity went from 58 percent to 72 percent – all in the same week.” This demonstrates effective employee incentive solutions at work.

Along with offering proven positive effects, these types of incentive programs are very cost-effective. They also establish a needed sense of workplace community, and will help ensure employee respect and loyalty.

If the budget allows, employers may also take advantage of incentives such as health club memberships, on-site daycare, and health services.

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