VeriWave Enhances Revenue Options with Channel Partner Program

by: Nichole Gunn December 8, 2010

Channel partner programs are proven to be effective strategies to enhance partner and customer satisfaction. VeriWave jumped on the bandwagon and announced its own channel partner program.

Using a three-tier system, the Channel Partner Program, which includes VeriWave's WaveDeploy and WaveInsite WLAN test solutions,  is designed to assist WiFi solution providers create new and expanded revenue while enhancing “the profitability and customer satisfaction of existing services.”

Dennis Holmes, mobility practice manager for Internetwork Engineering, intends to employ WaveDeploy surveys to test innovative solutions and applications. He explains that "basic site surveys have become a commodity, especially in healthcare where everything is now mission-critical, and tweaking a network to add one particular device or application is extremely inefficient.”

The mobility practice manager went on to note that due to precarious hospital environments, WaveDeploy would allow them to “go in during the planning stages before applications are rolled out, put all the devices being considered on a cart and test them on the network at the same time."

Along with VeriWave’s announcement of its Channel Partner Program, the company also noted its partnership with Global Technology Resources (GTR), an IT integration consulting group. This collaboration establishes GTR a Gold Certified Partner, a title that only a few partners hold.

Being a Gold Certified Partner affords GTR the opportunity to enhance “its professional healthcare offerings using WaveDeploy.”

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