Trucking Company: Wellness Program for the Road

by: Nichole Gunn December 6, 2010

Truck driver roadside medical clinics will be a big part of Covenant Transport’s new employee wellness program.

Partnering up with Roadside Medical Clinic and Lag, notes, Covenant implemented the comprehensive Roadside Medical Driver Wellness program. This program offers drivers and corporate employees enrolled in the medical plan automatic access to the benefits, effective 2011. Drivers not enrolled in the medical plan will have the opportunity to participate if they elect to do so.

President for Roadside Medical Clinic + Lab Bob Perry explained, "We're giving Covenant Transport drivers every opportunity to take control of their health -- keeping them on the road longer and improving both the quality and length of their lives.”

Leading a healthy lifestyle can be challenging for truck drivers, since most of their workdays consist of driving. Diner stops for meals and being rather sedentary most of the time can lead to chronic health issues. Covenant’s new wellness program has been put into place to “provide convenient access for drivers to monitor vital health factors,” notes TruckingInfo.

The strategically located clinics will offer participants a 30 day health checkup that includes:

  • Blood pressure, weight, and sugar monitoring
  • BMI and other key measurements
  • Healthy lifestyle counseling

The clinics will also provide basic medical services, DOT physicals, drug testing, and sleep services. In addition, each driver receives his “own roadmap on making better choices on the highway with Roadside Medical's Driver Wellness Toolkit.” The toolkit is packed with a number of fitness tools, including a pedometer and nutrition guide.

Joey Hogan, president of Covenant Transport, believes health is a priority, and the company, through its wellness program, wants to provide every opportunity to the driving workforce to improve and maintain their health. He told TruckInfo, “This helps everyone, including our employees and their families, our customers and our investors."