University Initiates Employee Wellness and Incentive Program

by: Nichole Gunn December 3, 2010

Employee wellness programs are making their way into all business arenas, including universities.

The latest to jump on the fitness and wellness incentives for employees is the Missouri University of Science and Technology. Effective September 15th, the university initiated a new wellness program, “Miners on the Move.” It offers a number of incentives to motivate employees to make a healthy lifestyle part of their everyday life.

The new health campaign includes:

  • Exercise programs, including a brand new onsite fitness center
  • Nutritional instruction
  • Quit smoking assistance
  • Stress-reduction program
  • Confidential health screenings, along with assessments
  • Yearly physicals

The incentives to motivate employees to participate in the campaign include:

  • A free six-month membership to a fitness center for employees who complete one of the programs or engage in 1,500 minutes of exercise
  • Reimbursement for healthcare costs

With employers taking steps to reduce healthcare costs and boost employee job satisfaction more and more schools and universities are stepping up to bat. To demonstrate the effectiveness of such programs, “Illinois Wesleyan University celebrated its wellness program’s 20-year anniversary this year and now has a 75 percent participation rate.”