Employees Dissatisfied, Employers Need to Rectify Situation

by: Nichole Gunn November 12, 2010

Business Week columnist and business consultant John Baldoni wrote about the dilemma facing business leaders and managers—the new downturn in employee satisfaction. This new work related trend has businesses working hard to rectify the situation by improving employee engagement.

Incentives and reward programs have long been used as valuable tools for employers. According to Baldoni, these programs provide employee recognition for a job well done; this in turn allows the employees to feel appreciated. Creating these feelings of reward and appreciation are important especially since a number of employees have had to take pay cuts while high ranking executives do not seem to make any sacrifices. Employees are taking notice.

Along with implementing employee incentives, workers also need to know they are appreciated by providing them with a worker friendly workplace. Some of the simplest perks for workers include:

  • Providing flexible work hours to accommodate workers
  • Keep clean and well stocked restrooms and break rooms
  • Provide an open door policy to encourage work related feedback

Baldoni explains that fixing workplace areas that need fixing are an easy and inexpensive way to lift morale and motivate employees.

Concurring with Baldoni’s report, a survey conducted by the Hay Group discovered that 59% of workers “are either actively looking for new jobs or considering leaving their current employers.” Of those respondents who had no intention of leaving their employer, 85% percent weren’t leaving because of a poor job market, job loyalty or job satisfaction had nothing to do with their decision.

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