Eight Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Drivers

by: Nichole Gunn November 4, 2010

The studies seem to be endless on the association between content employees and higher performance and productivity levels.

One of these studies published by the Forum for People Performance Management and Measurement at Northwestern University examines eight essential factors that can affect worker contentment and engagement levels. Enhancing engagement and satisfaction will in turn lead to “more innovation, higher customer satisfaction, lower turnover, higher profitability…even greater return on investor stocks!”

The study, titled The Road to an Engaged Workforce, focused on specific techniques and “levers” that managers should employ to enhance worker satisfaction individually and in team efforts, along with improving employee engagement.

Eight “drivers” for employee job satisfaction and engagement:

1. The employee’s intent on staying with the company.

2. The opportunity for employees to flex their muscles by utilizing all acquired skills.

3. A sense of responsibility in regard to identifying and satisfying the needs of customers.

4. Inter-unit communication and unity – working for “a well-structured and coordinated organization.”

5. Clear and consistent information and goal setting that is in sync with the employee’s sense appropriateness.

6. Sufficient training and orientation to develop work related skills that will enhance the employee’s contribution to the organization.

7. Autonomy that allows for “freedom and discretion to the employee with respect to scheduling and work procedures.”

8. Effective managerial skills “exchange power by managers” wherein the managers are willing to listen and be influenced by the employees.

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