New Poll: Wellness Programs a Plus with Employees

by: Nichole Gunn November 3, 2010

With the new healthcare reform legislation a hot topic of late, wellness programs are taking center stage for both employee and employers. In a national survey commissioned by Workplace Options and conducted by the North Carolina firm of Public Policy Polling, 1,006 working Americans were polled.

Some of the essential survey results included:

  • 59% of workers view health and wellness incentives as a reward for being fit.
  • 85% of workers believed participation in the wellness programs would be a positive incentive to help them keep fit.
  • 61% thought the wellness programs would show employer appreciation for the employees – this would create a feeling of loyalty
  • 51% reported that monetary incentive would not be necessary to encourage participation.
  • 17% reported that $10 would encourage participation
  • 18% reported that a minimum of $100 would be a motivating factor for participation.

In a news release featuring particular data from the survey, CEO of Workplace Options Dean Debnam explained that employer-sponsored wellness programs are a great strategy to help employees keep fit and also “offset the high cost of health insurance for both the company and its workers.” He added, “From a business standpoint, such initiatives are an investment in your greatest asset – your employees – and the return on your investment is likely to make a difference in both morale and the bottom line."

Workplace Options is not the only company on the wellness program bandwagon, the incentive strategy is gaining many followers. In another report, from Rhode Island’s Jamestown News, “Jamestown was recently honored by the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce and Rhode Island Blue Cross & Blue Shield for its wellness program for municipal employees.”