Corporate Social Responsibility Incentive Benefit Employees and Companies

by: Nichole Gunn October 19, 2010

Corporate responsibility practices that are focused internally are a key motivating factor for today’s businesses; this comes from a report by PRWeek. The article notes that the environmental expectations from “stakeholders,” which include a company’s employees, need to be heard and addressed.

Incorporating environmentally friendly reward programs in the workplace will help engage employees; this in turn leads to more successful businesses.

An example provided by PRWeb demonstrates this strategy: ConAgra Foods, a large consumer packaged goods company, has its own incentive program, the Sustainable Development Awards, and announced its 2010 winners early this year. The program offers motivation by acknowledging “how employees have integrated sustainability into business practices.”

The winning projects were: cooling towers and tanks, and a process of reusing water removed from tomatoes during the manufacturing process to supply boilers. The two projects saved ConAgra over $28 million last year.

According to the article, “Championing employee efforts through a rewards or awards program is a great way for companies to communicate, engage, and activate their efforts toward meeting corporate responsibility goals.”

Benefits such as these create unity based on shared goals and values. The benefits extend to both the employees and the company and allows for “a stronger link between sustainability and business success.”

With the company at the helm, striving for internal sustainability, the employees are then motivated to become fully engaged in the program. Ongoing communication is essential to keep employee motivation and trust ongoing, along with the company’s sincerity in its motives.

In line with PRWeb’s article, Aman Singh, writing for Forbes magazine, noted that “corporate social responsibility is becoming a hot topic at business schools around the country.”

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