Research Highlights ‘Putting People First’ with Employee Enrichment Strategy

by: Nichole Gunn October 14, 2010

A recent white paper titled A New Age – Putting People First was released by the Forum for People Performance Management and Measurement. The paper features a new employee enrichment business strategy focusing on our changing economy, along with its changing workforce demographics.

Basing its ideas on the latest research, the new approach suggests reversing the long standing philosophy of ‘using workers’ to create a more profitable business. The new model, according to Forum president and vice president of ITA Group Beth Schleske, “both recognizes and accommodates employee concerns about the physical, psychological and social aspects of their lives in ways that span beyond the workplace.”

Schleske goes on to explain that, “What the latest research tells us is that the greatest value organizations can provide employees is to move beyond the basics of compensation and benefits in order to focus on personal growth”.

The new strategies include “employee recognition and motivation through incentive strategies will be increasingly important as the economy finds its way out of the recession.

An article in Associated Press concurs with this new idea; it notes that a number of small business leaders have concerns about losing their valuable employees to larger companies. The article goes on to say that small companies can offset larger companies’ perks by providing flexibility, along with more intangibles for their employees.

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