Sales Magazine Offers Tips on Motivating Sales Teams Through Incentive Programs

by: Nichole Gunn October 12, 2010

In an ever evolving workforce, business owners need to continually keep their eye on the pulse of the work market. Sales Magazine took note of this potential problem and offered its advice on effective strategies to motivate sales teams.

A loyal and proficient sales force is one of a company’s most valuable assets, if not the most valuable. Offering employee recognition and sales incentives is a key strategy. The article explained that “what motivates a sales force one year may not do so the next – skills keep evolving as do the demands of the job.”

The new wave incentive programs need to be thoroughly planned before implementation. Factors to be considered are:

  • What objectives are to be achieved?
  • Will the program be designed to increase the sales force, enhance work efficiency, or other objective?
  • Who is the “scheme” to be targeted at?

These questions need to be addressed before moving forward.

Sales Magazine also noted that communication is another key factor. Team members will need to know: what is involved in participation, updates on progress, and most importantly, what is in it for me.

Another key element is involvement on all levels, including senior personnel is needed to move the program onward. Along with this, “good news stories should be publicized at presentations or conferences”. This will provide the needed public recognition for a ‘job well done.’

One of the final incentive strategies mentioned was that leaders in the company, such as the Chairman, should take the time and effort to actually hand out the rewards themselves. Being rewarded personally, by high ranking personnel will be appreciated by the team or individual.

According to Inc. Magazine, “Nancy M. Cooper of the labor and employment law firm Garvey Schubert said the goals of a rewards program should be loyalty, team spirit and an appreciative workplace.”

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