Incentive Program Motivates Employees to Apply Work Place Safety

by: Nichole Gunn October 4, 2010

Implementing a new safety-focused incentive program, manufacturer and supplier of equipment and parts, SONNY’S The Car Wash Factory hit a safety high point earlier this year. Spanning over a year, 500 days, warehouse employees accomplished zero work-related injuries. This accomplishment was in regard to any injury that resulted in the loss of a full day of work.

Utilizing a program that not only engaged its employees, but also boosted workplace safety awareness, the company reached its 500 day milestone.

SONNY’S strategies for the program included:

  • Holding meetings
  • Posting signs
  • Holding a raffle

The employees were able to earn tickets by answering work pace safety questions correctly. The tickets earned could be redeemed for an assortment of prizes.

Vice president of production and logistics for SONNY’S stated, “When an employee is injured and loses time, he is also losing income which affects his entire family. Work accidents hurt morale and disrupt efficiency. By focusing on safety, we’re able to deliver a higher quality product at a lower cost.”

As a reward for this amazing accomplishment, SONNY’S threw a pizza party for the employees and gave out T-shirts.

Companies all over the world realize the urgency and importance of work place safety. CNN reported that in the aftermath of the oil rig fire in the Gulf of Mexico, a “federal lawsuit claiming negligence has been filed against the companies connected to the rig.”