SED Adds a Bonus Points Promotion Program to its Rewards Incentive Strategy

by: Nichole Gunn October 1, 2010

Earlier this year, SED International Holdings, Inc. publicized it had improved “its SED Rewards™ incentive program with a bonus points drawing.” The company is a multinational, preferred distributor of leading computer technology, consumer electronics, small appliances and cellular products, as well as a supply chain management provider.

The new rewards program allows customers to earn points toward purchases of eligible products each month. The SED participating customers received “one entry for every 10 points earned on qualifying purchases from SED vendor partners between April 1 and June 30, 2010.” A drawing was held in July.

The first place winner in the drawing received 1,000 bonus rewards points; second place received 500, and third place 250. “Reward points are given to participating customers in the form of an SED Rewards™ prepaid card, which can be used at over 180 merchants, including SED.”

The vice president for SED’s U.S. marketing, Rob P. Kalman, noted that the rewards program was an “extremely successful initiative” since its 2008 launch. Kalman went on to say, “We believe this bonus points promotion is an excellent way for SED to generate additional value for both our customers and vendor partners while rewarding them for their continued loyalty to SED.”

In line with reward program initiatives, American Power Conversion, a power supplies manufacturer, recently introduced its own “points-based reward program for partners.” They also allow for redemption of points that can be used for a number of desirable products and experiences.

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