Three More Hospitals Join Forces Taking Advantage of PureWellness Employee Wellness Services

by: Nichole Gunn September 22, 2010

A recent press release from PureWellness, Inc. announced that they are now in contract with three new hospitals: Northeast Georgia Health Systems, McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital, and Fletcher Allen Health Care. PureWellness is a leading provider of online corporate health and wellness solutions.

These three new hospitals are now part of twenty others that are taking advantage of PureWellness’ online employee wellness services. The company emphasizes that one of the advantages of its service is the ability to automate the delivery and management of health-related services. One of these automated services is the employee rewards and incentive programs.

According to the press release, Judy Turk, Northeast Georgia Health System, Inc., Director of Employee Benefits & Services, stated, "The PureWellness program provides our organization with a leading edge technology to accentuate our ongoing Wellness Works programs.  This web based program allows our staff to spend less time manually managing programs and more time providing wellness services to our employees."

PureWellness uses technology, Software-as-a-Service, which affords greater flexibility. This technology also provides the ability, and convenience, to easily update and customize its service.

Experts acknowledge that utilizing valuable employee benefit and safety reward programs is a powerful tool that can be used to improve and maintain workplace performance. Taking advantage of a savvy system such as PureWellness is an option to be noted, especially if it boosts participation with a smooth running format.