Intel is on the Move: Improved Channel Partner Rewards Program Strategies

by: Nichole Gunn September 16, 2010

In the annual Intel Solution Summit, Intel announced its new incentive program strategies. In efforts to boost their position in a fast moving marketplace, reports that Intel is enhancing its partner program.

The new and improved partner program provides building and integration tools that will allow channel partners to get the best possible benefit out of the new Intel services. Not currently willing to provide too many details to the new program, Intel is reluctant to list potential benefits to partners who participate.

With new products on board, channel partners are offered new opportunities. Intel expects to create a specifically designed partner loyalty program that will empower partners with knowledge that will enable them to integrate and sell its new hardware.

Marketing is key to sales, and Intel representatives explained to that distinct desktops would benefit all partners. They are expected to provide high-performance, media-rich systems to each partner. This will allow the partners to increase their own annual growth while showcasing Intel products.

Tandberg, a video conferencing company, also recently took steps to enhance its partner program in an effort to motivate partners to focus on its extended services. With companies such as Intel and Tandberg moving steadily down the incentive programs path, it would be smart business for all companies to build and upgrade their own channel incentive programs – it is a proven strategy to help generate new growth.

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