Loyalty Programs Move Customers to Involvement

by: Nichole Gunn September 14, 2010

A recent report from the Chief Marketing Officer Council (CMOC) suggests that just bout 80% of customers get satisfaction from loyalty programs. While these findings are certainly encouraging for business owners, the findings also demonstrate that over half of consumers would like to benefit from more personalized or individual deals.

In an interview with BizReport.com, Sandra Zoratti, CMOC member, discussed the findings of the report. She explained, “It’s about the message, the relevancy of the message. Consumers [will walk away] to find a marketer who ‘gets them.’” More and more, in today’s burdensome times, the majority of consumers look for and even expect to find help, along with valuable messages; business owners must provide what the consumer is looking for.

One useful strategy to help reach and keep loyal customers is sending personalized emails. Zoratti went on to explain the results of a test that her own loyalty team conducted. They sent standard messages to about half of their customers, and personalized offers to the other half of the participants of their loyalty program.

The results were surprising, after just one month, ROI doubled with the personalized email recipients. Zoratti added that the personalized emails also moved inactive loyalty club members to action; they provided positive responses.

Standardization is not the way to move forward in today’s times. Business owners should initiate customized loyalty programs and reward programs. Following the successful lead of professionals in the incentive industry should provide valuable understand in regard to strategies that will help businesses connect with consumers.

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