New incentive promotes energy efficiency

by: Nichole Gunn August 4, 2010

By going green, the Japanese retail chain Seven & i is in the process of implementing an incentive program that will ultimately encourage employees to reduce their home energy consumption, reports Daily Yomiuri Online.

The program implies that the employees who manage to reduce their power consumption by 15 percent are granted a card worth 3,000 points in the Nananco electronic money system. Workers who exceed 20 percent are granted even more Nananco points.

Business analysts have stated that it is extremely rare for a company to offer rewards to its employees for saving energy at home. Nevertheless, if a company does strive to accomplish a setout goal, such as reducing power consumption, a rewards based system is the smartest way to approach it.


Seven & i expects to reward roughly 1,300 of the company’s employees. If effective, this rewards program will motivate and engage employees as well as encourage them to reduce energy at home and at the workplace, granting the biggest reward to mother nature.

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