Incentive program to decrease number of patient appointments

by: Nichole Gunn August 3, 2010

The development of a new incentive program is intended to reduce the number of patients checking in and out of hospitals each year. The program’s goal is to keep individuals from ever having to become ‘patients’ in the first place. Never having to step foot in a hospital; that’s an incentive all in itself.

Although still in its early stages of the makings, the new incentive program is designed to reward the hospitals most capable of preventing problems that could later spiral into hospital visits. This proactive system is intended to motivate doctors to want to help their patients avoid potential health risks more than ever before.

The incentive program will provide patients with health coaches who incite them on healthier eating habits, and persuade them to drop any bad habits that could be severely fatal to their health, such as smoking. It is one of many incentive programs, but it could be the new, most effective way to deliver healthcare.

Earlier this year, Commonwealth Fund reported that the U.S. spends more money on healthcare costs than any other industrialized country--$2 trillion each year to be exact. If more widely adopted, this new system could significantly cut the unconscionable costs that the U.S. spends on healthcare altogether.

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