Intrepid Group wins its second work/life award

by: Nichole Gunn July 26, 2010

For the Salt Lake City public relations firm, The Intrepid Group, “a happy employee is a good employee”. By going above and beyond to boost employee morale, The Intrepid Group was recently recognized and awarded its second Work/Life award by the Utah Department of Workforce Services because of its ingenious employee incentive program.

One short year ago The Intrepid Group did just that. The company’s employees were treated to a ‘day trip’ where they flew to San Francisco, took a tour of Alcatraz and then saw a theatrical performance of Wicked, report The Salt Lake City Tribune. Saying that Intrepid Group employees were happy would be saying the very least.

“Raising morale is the best way to improve the bottom line,” Lynette Rasmussen, director of the department’s Office of Work and Life, told the Salt Lake Tribune. “It increases productivity. If someone isn’t worried about other parts of their life, they focus on the task at hand. They use time wisely. They offer suggestions to improve the business, knowing their employers will listen. They’re loyal.”

The company was one of 20 to be honored for building corporate cultures that value employees’ contributions to the operation and also help them deal better with their lives off the job. By engaging their workers as their partners, The Intrepid Group has undoubtedly produced happy employees, and therefore, will only continue to see more positive results.

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