OhioHealth’s most loyal employees shop ‘til they drop

by: Nichole Gunn July 20, 2010

Each year the hospital operator OhioHealth “stirs the emotions and passions of people” through reward and recognition. To acknowledge its most loyal employees who have been with the company the longest, OhioHealth awards them with a day off including a special company-paid shopping spree and a delicious awards luncheon. It is safe to say that OhioHealth employees eagerly anticipate this day.

OhioHealth’s president and CEO, Dave Blom, tells the Columbus Dispatch, “We want engaged, happy, well-compensated workers.”- and that is exactly what Blom has got. Employees are rewarded with this amazing day off at every five-year interval after they have completed 20 years of service to OhioHealth.

For the workers, this day entails shopping ‘til they drop at the mall, being picked up by a limousine that drops them off at an awards luncheon. But a day in the life of a luxurious OhioHealth employee doesn’t just end there--Arriving at their final destination, workers file out of the limo onto a 40 yard red carpet lined with enthusiastic executives and managers cheering them on as they walk down and into the award luncheon.

Many would agree that this is a remarkable way to say, “We appreciate your long-term efforts.”

In fact, the Columbus Dispatch reports that this pleasantly productive and content workforce has made a significant impact on the company’s ability to maintain a turnover rate one-third lower than the national average among healthcare companies. Moreover, more than one-tenth of the OhioHealth's workforce has been with the company for more than 20 years.

The company's outstanding work ethic landed it a position in Thomson Reuter's list of top 10 health systems in the country.

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