Recognizing and Rewarding employees for safe behavior scores Dot Foods its best safety record yet

by: Nichole Gunn May 17, 2010

Dot Foods is the largest food redistributor in the United States and a business that is strongly committed to practicing safety the workplace. Just recently, Dot Foods has been recognized for its dedication to safety through its injury prevention program and for reaching its best safety record ever, the company reports.

By implementing a safety incentive program, Dot Foods has started rewarding its safest staff across the globe with lavish prizes, ranging from HD TVs to brand new cars and boats. With this rewards program in place, Dot has successfully reduced OSHA recordable injuries by 35 percent and affected work days by 43 percent during the 2009 year.

Don Pierce, the employee safety manager for Dot Foods, believes that, "An employee focus on injury prevention and increased hazard awareness helped set this all-time low record."  Speaking on behalf of Dot Foods, Pierces assures that the company will continue working toward its goal of zero injuries and accidents.

Workplace safety is vital, especially in industries with a high injury percentage, like manufacturing, for instance. According to the Bureau of Labor, there were 227, 680 occupational injuries and illnesses with days away from work reported in 2008. A safety incentive program can aid a company in reducing workplace injury and increasing safety awareness, and considerably reduce costs related to lost time.